* Very important message: – *

 Brothers and sisters,
 * Is there any proposed movement of NAC on 1 July 2020?
 This question is being asked by some members of our NAC for one-two days.
 In this context, we want to tell you that all the movements have been withdrawn from the NAC except for the series hunger strike of Buldhana because * Ma.  During the meeting between the delegation of NAC with Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra ji Modi at Prime Minister’s Office in Delhi on 4 March 2020, under the leadership of Smt Hema Malini, Member of Parliament, Mathura *, our Prime Minister demanded our main demands  We had given clear guidelines for sanctioning, assured us completely and as far as we are aware, action is also being started on this.
 * Now our eyes  As per the assurance given by the Prime Minister, our demands are fulfilled, it is set on this.
 * Now sideways, when we ma.  While waiting for the fulfillment of demands from the Prime Minister, it would not be appropriate to agitate on behalf of the NAC in such a situation, because the NAC has already done thousands of all kinds of agitations continuously from village level to Delhi.
 * National Vice President of NAC * Ma.  Under the leadership of Asaram G. Sharma, Mathura’s team * K. Ma.  Puran Singh ji and ma.  Kamal Singh ji etc. leaders * Ma.  Hema Malini Ji * is constantly requesting in this matter and Ma.  Hema Malini ji also has full knowledge of our subject.
 * NAC Bareilly, * N.  Our Leader M.S.  Ma under the leadership of Sudhir Upadhyay Ji *.  Labor is in contact with the minister.  Ma of Bareilly team of NAC on 28.6.2020.  A positive meeting was held with the Labor Minister. Bareilly team is also trying.
 * All members are requested to be a little more patient.
 NAC is determined to accept your demands with the cooperation and good wishes of all of you.
 Jyeshtha Bharat – Best India.

 Commander Ashok Raut,
 National President

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