Urgent Appeal for Legal Amendments in EPS 95 Pension

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Posted for the knowledge of EPS 95 Pensioners.

Subject: Urgent Appeal for Legal Amendments in EPS 95 Pension by Com. Narsayaa Adam (Master), Labor Leader, Solapur,Maharashtra

Dear Com. Narsayaa Adam,

I hope this letter finds you well. On January 19, 2024, during the event with Honorable Prime Minister Modi in Solapur, you eloquently raised the demand for the implementation of Bhagat Singh Koshiyari’s recommendations, advocating for a monthly pension of Rs 10,000 along with dearness allowance for the retired employees of 1995. 

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This demand has been put forth by the National Coordination Committee, Nagpur.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Com. Narsayaa Adam, labor leader of Solapur, you were apprised on January 17, 2024, by our Solapur branch, and a direct discussion with you was held for the welfare of workers’ lives. On January 19, 2024, during Prime Minister Modi’s event in Solapur, you passionately addressed the issue of increasing EPS pension in line with the recommendations of the Bhagat Singh Koshiyari Committee, calling for a monthly allowance of Rs 10,000 and dearness allowance, aligning with the legal standards set for this matter. 

We are grateful for your dedicated efforts.

However, despite your representation, the government has not provided explicit assurance or commitment to increase the EPS pension, causing concern among 187 industries and millions of 93% unorganized workers nationwide. 

This frustration, persisting since 2014, has led to numerous protests and communications, yet the government has not guaranteed pension enhancement. 

This has compelled our union officials and members to address 75 lakh pensioners and 29 crore active employees and their families in the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

In response to this, a resolution will be passed during the Central Working Committee (C.W.C.) meeting scheduled for March 5, 2024, at Pavan Bhumi Bapu Kutti, Sewagram, Wardha, Maharashtra, where representatives from 28 states will discuss the matter of Lok Sabha elections.

It’s noteworthy that our Solapur branch representatives and 3,000 members of EPS 95 Pensioners were present at this event.

The coordination committee takes pride in your representation. Therefore, we kindly request the publication of this information in your esteemed electronic media, print media, or YouTube channel. Your support in raising awareness about this critical issue is invaluable.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

Prakash Pathak,

National General Secretary,

Employee Pension (1995) National Coordination Committee (National Organisation) H.Q. Nagpur 440012.

Mobile Number: 9822936284


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