EPFO Guidelines on submission of Life Certificate 2020

Expand with two fingers and see. Circular Press Note. In Hindi (Translated) कर्मचारी भविष्य निधि संगठन (NT i ta Bhavishyanidhi Bhavan में)।  , आरहा आ अल बरकतपुरा चमन, हैदराबाद -500 027 नंबर / आरओ / पीएच / पेन्शन / जेपी / 2020 / दिनांक: .11.2020 प्रेस नोट JEEVAN PRAMAAN पेंशनभोगी पेंशन के लिए डिजिटल जीवन … Read more

Pension EPS 95 Pension Supreme Court Date Position ?

  EPS 95 pensioners are waiting for the supreme Court judgement in connection with the higher pension. Many times they Supreme Court hearings and judgements postponed. Many pensioners are pinning their confidence in the Supreme Court judgement since  many High courts have given a positive judgement in the higher pension of EPS 95 pensioners. The … Read more

Ashok Rout and C.S. Prasada Reddy NAC EPS 95 Pension

This is an article on eps 95 subjects. Some pensioners are alluring the pensioners and collecting amounts in the name of NAC. It is instructed by the Southern coordinator for not using the name of NAC and for not collecting any amount from the pensioners.

Matrubhumi Editorial on EPS 95 Pensioners

Shared as received from a pensioner friend  Parveen Kohli  9810306699  FALSE EPF MUST END Do not steal from the porridge bowl of pensioners in the evening of life. The Kerala High Court judgment of October 12, 2018 upheld by the Supreme Court will be fully implemented….. Pension is a deferred payment and is a legitimate … Read more

EPS 95 Pensioners 2020 | EPFO is against to the higher pension

For English content pl checkout here పర్వీన్ కోహ్లీ యొక్క … EPS’95 SEWA గ్రూప్ – I (9810306699)  కేరళలోని కౌముడి 27.09.2029, ఇ-పేపర్‌లో వార్తలు ఇలా వచ్చాయి. ప్రియమైన మిత్రులారా, ఈ రోజు వార్తలు EPS’95 హయ్యర్ పెన్షన్‌కు సంబంధించి మలయాళ భాషలో డైలీ కౌముది ఇ-పేపర్‌లో కనిపించాయి.   నా వ్యక్తిగత అభ్యర్థన మేరకు, నా పెన్షనర్ స్నేహితులలో ఒకరైన, కేరళకు చెందిన మిస్టర్ రాధాకృష్ణన్ నాయర్ పెన్షనర్ స్నేహితులందరి సమాచారం కోసం … Read more

Answers for questions on EPS pension in the Parliament

Answers at the end please.   Nearly a few lakh people across the country have been waiting to see how the EPFO ​​government will answer the questions on EPS 95 pensions and how it will increase the fair pension. But the Ministry of Labor and Employment responded wisely to the evasive trend. Their answer seems … Read more

EPS 95 Pension | CBT Role and Limitations

  Recently, I have gone through the heart growl of one EPS 95 Pensioner NAC Representative of West Bengal. He is Mr. Tapana Datta, President of NAC, West Bengal. It is worth reading for soul discussion pl. Start, See Sir, One thing I must clear to you, that CBT ( Central Board of Trustees) , … Read more