Women desire to become slim got the kanee pains

 Slim Problems in India 2020 |  Slim desire in 2020  Slim Problems in India 2020:  The desire to become slim  is bringing knee pain to many beautiful and healthy women.  slim desire: Many educated women with this desire are going to the doctors to become slim. It is a open fact. Some doctors strictly tell … Read more

It is a favourable Decision to the EPS Pensioners given by the Supreme Court in the year 2019.

But, It is said to have been that  EPFO and the Central Govt have again filed a litigant SLP against the interest of the Pensioners. Now, read the Judgement of the Supreme Court given in 2019.  The Supreme Court rejects EPFO plea against Kerala High Court verdict SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT NEW DELHI, APRIL 03, 2019 22:26 … Read more

EPS 95 Pension-Various Attempts of Poor Pensioners

These type of attempts are highly required to popularise the financial problems of EPS 95 Poor Pensioners. Thanks to  ShamRao , National secretary , All EPS 95 Pensioners are requested to write and send Letters in the form of Representation of Pensioners problems with RPAD.Let all the MPs of Whole India be educated and alerted. … Read more


Many State High courts have given judgements on EPS 95 pension  cases for giving higher pension to the victims of  the lower pension. it is clear cut decision and there is no double meaning and confusion at all.  It is also clear cut that all the EPS 95 pensioners are not   opting for higher … Read more

Voice of an Eps Pensioner 2020

This a voice of an EPS Pensioner. Pl think over and comment.  The EPS pensioners are already 60+; most of them even 70+ ..they are 65- lakhs, in number….(one crore+; including their spouses ..)… These are the citizens of our Mahan Bharat dragging lives with meager pension of 1000 and below… the unfortunate lot living … Read more