Emotional request in Public meeting for Hike of Minimum Pension

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National Agitation Committee:- Solapur (Maharashtra) Dated 19.01.2024
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  • Shri Narsayya Adam ji who was the organizer of the public meeting of the Honorable Prime Minister , has himself raised the demand for increasing the minimum pension under the EPS95 scheme.*
  • Honorable Prime Minister should announce the increase in EPS pension in this public meeting, he insisted. Mr Adam has done on a special request from the EPS pensioners and the ORGANIZER of the program.

Shri Narsayya Adam ji, was successful in publicly conveying the compassionate call of the pensioners to the Honorable Prime Minister

Now the eyes of all the EPS pensioners of the country are fixed on the fulfillment of the promise by the Honorable Prime Minister.

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*Today on 19.01.2024, a public meeting was organized for the Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in Solapur, the organizer of the program, Shri Narsayya Adam ji, in his emotional speech, appealed that under EPS95 ,minimum pension be increased from Rs. 1000/- to Rs.10000/-.The demand was placed before the Honorable Prime Minister and he also appealed that the Honorable Prime Minister should announce this pension increase in today’s public meeting.

  • Additionally, in his speech, Adamji also reminded the Honorable Prime Minister that Honorable Smt Hema Malini ji had also come to him for a solution to the same problem of EPS95 pensioners. * Further, he also said that about 5 thousand pensioners are dying every month.
  • Hon.Prime Minister now should fulfill his promise. That is the expectation of EPS pensioners.
  • Member of Parliament from Solapur, Hon. Shri Dr.Jay Siddheshwar Swami ji handed over the letter written by the Hon. National President of NAC, to the Hon.Prime Minister in person. He also recommended that the 4-point demands of the pensioners be approved.
  • It may be noted that under the guidance of NAC National President Commander Ashok Raut ji, the NAC Solapur team planned and executed the entire activity under the leadership of City President Mr. Shashikant Bhusare and Laxman Maharaj Chavan, DM Patil, Arjun Shitole etc. They met Mr. Narsayya Adam ji two-three times and informed him about the feelings of the pensioners. . Accordingly, the talented labor leader Shri Adam ji fulfilled his promise today.
  • It may also be known that NAC officials like Mr. Subhash Pokharkar, D.M. Patil, Devisingh Jadhav, Ajit Ghadge, Walke Appa and Sanjay Patil etc. have already met Solapur Member of Parliament Mr. Dr. Jay Siddheshwar Swami ji and given a memorandum.
  • Hundreds of salutes to Shri Narsayya Adam ji, who directly raised the demand of old age pensioners to the Prime Minister for the first time in a public meeting.
  • Salute to the Hon Member of Parliament from Solapur, Dr. Jay Siddheshwar Swami ji. Also special thanks to NAC Maharashtra and Solapur team.