EPS 95 Pensioner Letter to CJI for Justice

By email. 27th may 2023
Sri D Y Chandrachud ,
honorable chief justice of india ,New Delhi .
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A humble appeal of EPS 1995 pensioners to the highest judiciary of the nation for kind appropriate interventional directions to the honorable central govt for grant of liveable minimum pension with govt medical facility to them for living a normal life with human dignity protected of minimum socio- economic security . ————–————–
Respected sir ,
we seek parden from the honorable supreme court for submission of the same grievances time and again that have been submitteüd vide my letter dated 9th may 2023 and other letters of pensioners association executives .

We dont know whether our appeals made to your kind self by name are actually getting noticed of personally or otherwise .

We ,the senior and very senior EPS 1995 pensioners joined service in 1970’s period and retired with service of about 25 to 40 years are getting meagre range of pension at minimum of less than Rs 1000 and maximum pension at about not exceeding much above Rs 3500 on ceiling wages or actual wages the quantum of which all that happens to be quite unliveable pension either way at present cost of life being continued with it for life time having no choice/option for enhancement of pension under the present provisions of EPS 95 not provisioned of inflation linked with dearance relief and an adequate minimum liveable pension altogether not to speak of revision of pension framed so by the employees provident fund organisation ( EPFO ) ltd that comes under the control of honorable union ministry of labour and employment , govt of india .

Despite continuous much cry over the meagre unliveable minimum pension provided to the EPS 95 pensioners , on streets settle all over the country with submision of countless memorandums by the pensioner’s associations , individual pensioners and also the honorable MPs and some chief ministers of states to the honorable prime minister , honorable labour minister and concerned authorities of EPFO the honorable govt is not ready to understand the sever economic insecurity of these pensioners causing pathetic , merciful and in dignified human life .

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The voice of cry of poor, supportless and many shelterless pensioners and many engaged in menial jobs even after retirment at advanced age for survival with no other go for survival being the victims of the EPS 95 is a WRITING ON THE WALL whose lives are getting worsened day by day by inflated cost of life .

And it is not being heard and understood by the honorable govt that has stood a mute spectator and
unmoved with no action inspite of the seriousness of the matter brought to the knowledge of honorable prime minister twice , honorable labour minister and the concerned authorities of EPFO many times in person with reality factor.

How these pensioners maximum of whom belong to poor category , are surviving their life with unspeakable , pitiable conditions in livelihood with dependency on others at mercy after service is understood only by them .

Every citizen needs to live life with human dignity being tax payer for life time not to survive like any creature , protected of minimum economic security for basic needs of life to be provided by the govt of the day as its bounded liability in democratic country respecting the non violation of human rights and constitutional right to life .

Having found total insensitiveness on the part of the concerned authorities and the honorable union ministry of labour over the years passed by since the inception of EPS 1995 confined to the formula with its inherent built up provisions for determination of basic pension once for all on ceiling wages or actual wages on impractical conditions negated of it’s main object of Provident fund act with Employees pension scheme with no Dearance Allowance and revision has become immaterial to the senior and very senior EPS 95 pensioners to be survived with meagre unliveable minimum pension for life time facing the question of survival .

The honorable govt has been dragging this tragic issue mercilessly for indefinite time with no decision just forming only the committees over committees for the years passed by till now but not accepting their recommendations keeping them undecided to be in pendency unmindful of what it has been happening with the life of EPS 1995 pensioners belonging to economically weaker section with no other source of income who have no option but to approach the honorable supreme court for justice as many EPS 95 pensioners are breathing their last in disgust and disgrace with untold sufferings in livelihood as victims of the illconceived pension scheme , tragic end of whom count in lakhs getting increased year to year not to be ignored .

we can not afford to file a writ petition against the honorable ministry of labour , govt of india and the EPFO in the matter in honorable supreme court.

The govt pensioners are provided of the minimum pension of Rs 9000 with DA for just a minimum service of 15 years.

In very much contrast , the EPS 95 pensioners , being non beneficiaries of higher pension conditioned of impractical requirements known very much to the EPFO , who toiled their sweat by day and night service at the cost of normal health for a long period up to 40 years of prime age that has contributed for the overall growth of the nation in different working sectors of productivity and services resultant of what india visible today with proudness are not taken care of very sadly in their evening days with a liveable minimum pension to live their life peacefully.

As the matter concerns with lakhs of EPS 95 pensioners settled all over the nation for survival under better conditions it is sincerely requested that the issue of providing liveable minimum pension in order of Rs 9000 with dearance allowance being national average cost of life to the EPS 95 pensioners may kindly be taken up as A Sue Motto Cognizance case by the honorable supreme court for issue of interventional directions to the honorable central govt to act upon the grant of moderate minimum pension early in order to save their life from unsecured economic critical position held with the very meagre unliveable minimum pension being provided now .
with high regards ,

sincerely your’s

ShamRao , Age 81 ,
EPS 95 pensioner ,
pension Rs 981
national secretary ,EPS 1995 pensioners coordination committee ,
Bidar , karnataka 585401
email :
ph: 9632885896