Eps 95 Pensioner Voters remember the False promises

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Many years have elapsed that the politicians made promises to Eps 95 Pensioners

They were attracting and sweet promises when they were made by the politicians.

The same promises have become unbelievable and they are now bitter.

There are still Heel-turned politicians in India. But they are very few to our fate.

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Before coming to power:

These are the promises made by the politician Sri Javadekar. Many of you might have watched this video, but it is better to watch this video  for charging our Eps 95 pensioners’ minds. Please comment on the Comment section of this article on this video.

EPS 95 Pensioners remember the False promises of Politicians:

Of course, many EPS 95 Pensioners might have seen this video. Despite this, we feel like seeing the video for his promises done in the parliament.

It is not a criticism by the Eps 95 pensioners. Please just think over it by yourself Mr. Minister Garu. We are now requesting you and your Government by all possible means for the poor Eps 95 pensioners.

a) Personal meeting of the Prime Minister by NAC

b) Continued Relay fasting at Buldhana along with family members of Eps 95 pensioners.

c) No of Agitations like Dharnas and Fastings by many Associations.

d) Many MP’s of Indian Parliament ( Including Ruling) recommended for Minimum Pension Hike and also non-intervention in the Supreme Court by the EPFO.

After coming to power:

He is a member of Parliament from – Rajya sabha from Maharastra ( April 2018 onwards)

He is now serving as Union Minister for Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Information & Broadcasting, and Heavy Industries and Public Enterprise.

About seven years have been completed. But there are no results in favor of EPS 95 Pensioners.

Period of Silence

All these years, the ruling party is silent over the EPS 95 Pensioners issues.

Even certain sector EPS 95 Pensioners were not benefited.

Observation of Eps 95 Pensioners:

All the Eps 95 Pensioners have been observing the tendencies of the EPFO and the Government.

Will Pensioner Voters Forget?:

How can the Eps 95 Pensioners forget about the promises made by Sri Javadekar?

The Leaders and the Representatives of  Eps 95 pensioners Associations have to listen to the video and take  to the notice of Sree Javadekar.

Eps 95 Pensioners of Maharashtra to take up:

Eps 95 pensioners Maharastra to take up Pensioners problems directly to Sri Javadekar.

Please pursue the mind of Present Eps 95 pensioners as alleged by one Eps 95 pensioner.


Kannam Ramanujam

[email protected]

Sir Though we read the statement given by them it is very much difficult to explain

the employees who are all not that much of studies in understanding the contents.

Because they are all middle-class working category (more. or less equal to slaves in a Pvt concern )

which this elaborate statement is somewhat difficult to satisfy.

Moreover after rendering the service of more than 30 years by working night and day

for our nation is completely not recognized either by a court or by govt or politicians

or ministers. Totally in a precise way of my perception is that out of 65 lakhs pensioners

all over the states your above-said comments will be read by a maximum of 0.005%only.

The employees are all aged more than 65 years as of now and cannot work manually and

their families also not that much of withstanding the daily needs of their children in this

cost of living. For that purpose only the EPS 95 scheme pensioners trying to get at least

a minimum pension to cope up with the present cost of living before they attain the almighty.

Moreover as per the data of man or woman ages in India is MAXIMUM OF 75 YEARS ONLY.

But few pensioners life was up to max. of 90 years that too 0.00005% of the total population.

So in this conclusion, my perception is that How this pension matter will be either success

or failure for the poor pensioners so that at least they may enjoy with their children

before their demise. For ex., I am aged 75 years and I don’t know how many days or months

for my lifetime. So assuming my age factor and other medical expenses either

the government or EPFO must come forward to increase the minimum pension in accordance

with the present cost of living to avoid further frustration with this govt and all high courts.

Hope if any of my above statement is wrong or hurt anybody I am extremely sorry and it will

result in some good information for us. Thanks


Let all the Pensioners (Minimum or higher pension) prey the almighty to give a good mind the Administrators of the Country and do some needful help to the Pensioners related to the Eps 95 Pensioners.