Pension Voice of Ashok Rout Ji Zoom meeting 2020

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Pension Voice of Ashok Rout Ji  Zoom meeting 2020
Pension Voice of Ashok Rout Ji Zoom meeting 2020
Pension Voice of Ashok Rout Ji  Zoom meeting 2020
Pension Voice of Ashok Rout Ji Zoom meeting 2020

Pension Voice of Ashok Rout Ji Zoom meeting 2020:Zoom  meeting of Ashok Rout Ji  on 01.08.20 with all India EPS 95 pensioners convened by Sree CS Prasad Reddy, Southern India Convener is put up for the digital visitors. 

 The version of Shri Ashok Rao ji is that on 4th March 2020, they have met  the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi with the help of Smt Hemamalini ji. Actually, they expected 3 to 4 minutes of interview with the Prime Minister. But  the Prime Minister gave them time for about 30 minutes and was patient hearing the maximum problems of  EPS 95 pensioners.

Soon after patient hearing the Prime Minister called Jitendra Singh,  Minister of development of North Eastern region and minister of state for Prime Minister’s office personnel, public grievances and pensions.

Pension Voice of Ashok Rout Ji  Zoom meeting 2020
Pension Voice of Ashok Rout Ji Zoom meeting 2020


Pension Voice of Ashok Rout Ji Zoom meeting 2020:Jitendra Singh has taken Ashok Rout Ji  to his office and discussed the pensioners issue for about 2 hours in the ministers chamber. 

The Prime Minister had not called  any political party representatives and Union Representatives to discuss EPS 95 pensioners problems. 

 It is because of honesty, sincere efforts and service motive of NAC , the  Prime Minister allowed to discuss on the EPS 95 pensioners problems. 

He explained the Prime Minister duly reminding the shram Yogi pension and Atal Pension Yojana of Central Government and  EPS 95 pensioners who have deposited about 20 lakh rupees and more than that by way of contributions to the EPFO.  Inspite of their own money, most of them are getting pension of around  Rs. 1000 rupees. 

Ashok Rao Ji also met the Labour minister and explained EPS 95 pensioners unsolved problems.  The Labour Minister told that from now the EPS 95 pension  problem is not the problem of Ashok Rout  and it became the problem of the Prime Minister. 

 Recently Smt Hema Malibu ji wrote a reminder letter to the Prime Minister on 02.07. 2020 about pension. 

Ashok Rout Ji is expecting a positive good result within one or one and half months.

Pension Voice of Ashok Rout Ji Zoom meeting 2020: He has reiterated that  we do not belong to any political party and not affiliated to any  union.It is the social service Group.

4 Representations of NAC are as follows.

  1. Rs.  7500 plus DA    

      2)Interim Advisory to be removed in   Supreme Court to implement the Court judgements.

      3) Medical facilities to the Pensioners and their spouses.

      4) The employees , FPS members,  who were there prior  to the implementation of EPS 95 scheme  and the  workers in an un-organised private sectors, who are not the members of the EPS 95 Scheme  to be permitted to join EPS 95 pension scheme and permit them to contribute some amount.  If not, please arrange to give Rs. 5000 as pension to such persons.

This is the  tone of NAC.

 Ashok Rout Ji appealed to the EPS 95 pensioners to participate in constructive  service to the nation. That is  tree plantation in the entire India and also in the world like Australia,  America, Dubai wherever EPS night members are available in those countries. 

The task also can be taken up by the well wishers/relatives/supporters.

 He described  it as a “Gods sent opportunity” to plant trees by our community irrespective of caste, religion, community and area.

It is also appealed to write letters or send messages  to the Prime Minister through Prime Ministers Office or by other means.  The details of which are in Online. 

Also alleged that  there are favourable judgements in favour of  higher pension optees in the years 2016 and 2019. Interim  Advisory  in the Supreme Court has to be removed and implement the judgement of the supreme court.

Pension Voice of Ashok Rout Ji Zoom meeting 2020: He appealed the pensioners not to give money to the miscreants who are doing false promises and also not spend money for courts for some time as already the Supreme Court has given judgement. NAC is not collecting any money.  If you want to donate voluntarily, you can consult the State President for Account Number details. 

 At  the end he participated in Question and Answer session where some of the EPS 95 pensioners have clarified  their concerned points.

It is requested to send photographs of the plantation to the southern convener of NAC, C.S.Prasada Reddy who in turn send them to the  Central Committee Representatives so as to show and appraise to the Prime Minister of India.

side view of father and son planting tree at park

Jai Bharat

Jai Pensioner

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  1. The role of NAC, especially Commander Ashok Raut ji ‘s selfless efforts are laudable.
    It is hoped that we all will get a good news at the earliest to prevent the loss of Senior Citizens lives for want of Medical attention and other essentials to hang on till their last breath.

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