Very Important Letter From General Secretary for hike of Eps 95 pension

Shree Prakash Pathak, National General Secretary of Employees Pension (1995) Coordination Committee, Head Quarter, Nagpur,12. Writes a letter to the Chairman for Eps 95 pension. International Labour Organisation Shram Shakti Bhavan, Dear, hon. Apurva Chandraji, Chairman of International Labour Organisations,    Demi official letter/EPCC/Nagpur.                       … Read more

  A Good Analysis of EPS 95 Pensioners Issue 2021 

   A Good Analysis of EPS 95 Pensioners Issue 2021    Narayana Gupta Contribution translated for awareness of Telugu People. For Any Opinion, please post in Comments Section. EPS 95 Pensioners Let us start now. What  you are doing is not important to government , what is disturbing them is important. The EPS pensioners are … Read more

How to Prevent Back Pain problems

During these days Back pain has increased. The main reason for increasing of back pain is manual work is reduced and sitting work is increased. The reason for the increase in sitting work is due to a hike of software work. Employment in the sphere of Software is increased day by day. Many software employees are getting Back Pain and suffering. In this Article, preventive measures for reducing Back Pain is given for their benefit and implementation