By email 10th November 2023


Sri Narendra Modi ji , honble prime minister
Dr Jitendra Singh , honble minister of pension and public grievances , PMO
Sri Bhupendra Yadav ji , honble union minister of labour and employment
Sri Amit Shaw , honble union home minister .
Smt N Sitharaman ji , honble union minister of finance
Sri Nitin Gadkari ji , honble union minister for high ways and transport .
Sri Rajnath Singh ji , honble union minister of Defence
Smt Nilam shamiRao , honble
Central provident fund commissioner , EPFO , New Delhi .

———————————————-Sub: The HUMBLE REQUEST of ALL SENIOR CITIZEN- EPS 95 PENSIONERS to the honble Central Govt for protection of their much needed socio- economic security and human dignity with a liveable minimum pension and higher pension on last drawn actual wages relaxed of the conditions of higher pension as per the verdict already given in Mr R C Gupta case by the honble supreme court . ———————————
Respected sirs / madams

We the senior and very senior citizen- EPS 95 pensioners accounted in majority of total strength of about 75 lakhs have stood uncared of with no heart melting of authorities for minimum economic security utterly with loss of financial freedom being suffered of INCOME POVERTY by UNLIVEABLE MEAGRE PENSION in the range of less than Rs 1000 , Rs 1000 at minimum and not exceeding much above of Rs ,3500 and only upto Rs 5000 at maximum in respect of some thousands of pensioners all that does not make it for living , besides not indexed with dearance allowance that speaks a lot of what not as telling insufficient pension to bear the present cost of life , have been continuously crying on streets with pouring out our pathetic livilihood unspeakable miseries over the years to the honble govt for providing the adequate minimum liveable pension linked with DA on the present valuation of recommendation of Koshiyari committee 147 report to face the life with cost of life that is running not less than minimum of Rs 10000 for a couple on national average cost of life . Majority of pensioners came to service from lower starta income background , lived with the wages given but now many are supportless ,shelterless doing again menial jobs for survival in absence of other source of income shedding their tears in silence.

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The authentic reports of EPFO indicate the meagre range of the UNLIVEABLE PENSION being provided to the EPS 95 pensioners as given in transperancy

Exhausted of all sorts of efforts by countless memorandums , non violent street protests in dist places , state capitals all over the country and New Delhi time to time over the past more than 10 years , the EPS 95 pensioners having not received the necessitated relief against the genuine demands of pension , are coming to New Delhi again from the different places of the country and camping there in December 2023 with the firm decision of DO or DIE to seek justice from your honble govt on the grievances of pension of EPS 95 .
Does this MOST UNDESIRABLE STEP of SENIOR CITIZEN – EPS 95 PENSIONERS of OUR DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY with a service of about 25 to 40 years who are supposed to
take rest living in peace at their age , travelling a long distance to New Delhi from nook and corner of their places in old age with physical ailments for seeking a liveable pension for survival under better conditions warrants is a matter to be kindly taken note of it with seriousness and sensitiveness by the honble govt that deserves for immediate decision in the interest of all these EPS 95 pensioners valuing their prime life contribution of service for the overall growth of nation with requisite contribution to pension fund as well , and above all given the concern of humanity that matters much.

The pension issue of EPS 95 has stood unresolved even after your honble govt completing 2 terms in power the assurance of which was given by the leaders of BJP , the video recording of which is held with the EPS pensioners.

Kindly let the honble govt settle the pension issues with no further delay before it is too late happening any untoward incidents any where in travell / movement of protests for justice .

They now have lost all their patience waiting for a liveable pension to survive their life with some economic security and human dignity.

So let further inaction kindly not be continued to prompt them to undertake long distance travel to New Delhi given their old age condition with health issues for survival

that needs to be met with only by a regular source of liveable pension on which they depend .
The EPS 95 pensioners surviving with unrest are continuously looking at your honble govt for the economic security by a liveable pension at minimum on the present valuation of recommendation of Koshiyari committee report 147 and fair pension on last drawn actual wages with requisite contribution to the pension fund relaxed of the conditions of cut off date and joint option for higher pension in the context that the conditions of higher pension on actual wages are all impractical and non operative obviously because many many companies / factories are not in existence by closure and loss/destruction of the records of provident fund contribution statements over the long period of time or non- accessibility of the records as demanded by the EPFO .
Sensing the burning critical life of EPS 1995 pensioners the honble govt may kindly take quick decision on the genuine demands of pension issue placed to prevent their risky movement in old age condition encountered of diabetics, high blood pressure and cardiac problem for travell to New Delhi .

We have kept hope with the honble govt for the kind action of the honble NDA Govt towards well-being of EPS 95 pensioners in order that they happen to enliven their life with pleasure getting smile on their faces in coming days of festivals and opening of Sri RAM TEMPLE at Ayodhya !
With high regards ,

Sincerely your’s

ShamRao , national secretary ,
EPS 95 pensioners coordination committee ,
Bidar , karanataka .
email : shamraobidar308@gmail com
Ph: 9632885896