A strong letter to the Prime Minister for Eps 95 Pension Hike

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EPS pension hike letter: Regarding the increase in minimum pension of 7500 EPS 95 pensioners, Mr.  Letter to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

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 Thank you Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji for the advice being given to the people of our country and for your proactive steps and advice to do Mann Ki Baat regarding Corona.  Despite your sincere efforts to avoid deaths during corona virus, out of total 139 crore people of our country, about 4 lakh people have died due to corona so far.

 Unfortunately about 25 lakh EPS 95 retired employees are unable to live with meager pension ranging from Rs 300 to Rs 500 per month who retired during the period from 1995 to 2002 and died of hunger as against 60 lakh retired pensioners and committed suicide.

 All the High Courts of India as well as the Supreme Court of India, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India have ruled in favor of pensioners for payment of enhanced revised pension as per Pro-forma on the basis of actual salary at the time of their retirement.

 Our Honorable Prime Minister worked against the interests of the poor retired pensioners burning problem without implementing the Supreme Court judgment given during the year 2016, filed review petitions separately with the Central Government and EPFO ​​, and since then without going to the Supreme Court.  Sought every time adjournments,

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi is well aware reason for the untimely deaths of 25 lakh retired pensioners, which are murders due to non-implementation of Supreme Court judgments and delay tactics to go unheeded.  is game.

 Due to the inhuman attitude of the Central Government towards poor retired pensioners, 25 lakh EPS 95 pensioners who have served for more than 35 years in Public Sector Undertakings died of starvation.

National Calamity Corona Virus claimed the death of about 4 lakh people out of 139 crore people of India, while our central government led by dynamic Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modiji claimed about 25 lakh EPS retired employees starvation and ill health are out of  India’s democratic country.

Pensioners can do nothing but pray to God, Allah, Jesus to instill humanity in the mind and soul of our beloved and most respected Prime Minister, to comply with the Supreme Court’s decision to allow them to review petitions  To enable the Court to hear, to enable the Court to implement the judgment already issued during the year 2016 without any further delay and to prevent further deaths.

 hope justice,

 yours sincerly


AV Ramana Retd DMO APCO President Weavers Welfare Council AP and Telangana State.

 Member of National Movement Committee.

 Copy to EPFO ​​commissioner