EPFO Monthly Pension Adalat for Eps 95 Pensioners 2021

EPFO NEWS TODAY: EPFO Monthly Pension Adalat on May 12, All EPS 95 Pensioners Participate and Raise Pension Related Issues  If you want to read this matter in Telugu, Please Click here  कर्मचारी भविष्य निधि संगठन, क्षेत्रीय कार्यालय, तिरुचि ने घोषणा की है कि 12 मई को सुबह 10.30 बजे से 11.30 बजे तक ऑनलाइन … Read more

A Very Good Reply by GS on Hike of Eps 95 Pension

This is a genuine and realistic reply to the maximum extent. The information given is reliable and there is no overexpression. Each important item has been covered and Eps 95 Pensioner problems brought to the limelight. If you want to Read this Important Article in Telugu, Please Click here⇐ Reply outward email no.5521/- 5th May … Read more

EPFO Perverted Reply to General Secretary EPS 95 Pension Coordination Committee

EPFO Perverted Reply to General Secretary EPS 95 Pension Coordination Committee: EPFO has given a stereotyped reply without any responsibility on Eps 95 Pensioners. Dated:03.05.2021 To, Prakash Pathak National General Secretary Employees Pension 1995 Co-ordination Committee Sub:-  Humble request to  Hon.Shri Apurva Chandraji, International Labour Organisation Chairman, Email with Video Speech link to help  EPS … Read more

Eps 95 Pensioner Voters remember the False promises

Introduction: Many years have elapsed that the politicians made promises to Eps 95 Pensioners They were attracting and sweet promises when they were made by the politicians. The same promises have become unbelievable and they are now bitter. There are still Heel-turned politicians in India. But they are very few to our fate. If you … Read more

Lack of Leadership in EPS 95 Pensioners Group 2021

 Lack of Leadership in EPS 95 Pensioners Group 2021 Introduction: Yes, it is true, there is a lack of leadership in EPS 95 Pensioners Group. Some leaders are emerging and taking the cart to the edge and leaving to its fate. Is it not a fact? Yes, it is a fact. If you want to … Read more

Very Important Letter From General Secretary for hike of Eps 95 pension

Shree Prakash Pathak, National General Secretary of Employees Pension (1995) Coordination Committee, Head Quarter, Nagpur,12. Writes a letter to the Chairman for Eps 95 pension. International Labour Organisation Shram Shakti Bhavan, Dear, hon. Apurva Chandraji, Chairman of International Labour Organisations,    Demi official letter/EPCC/Nagpur.                       … Read more

  A Good Analysis of EPS 95 Pensioners Issue 2021 

   A Good Analysis of EPS 95 Pensioners Issue 2021    Narayana Gupta Contribution translated for awareness of Telugu People. For Any Opinion, please post in Comments Section. EPS 95 Pensioners Let us start now. What  you are doing is not important to government , what is disturbing them is important. The EPS pensioners are … Read more