Computer Basics for Elders and Elementary students

Computer Basics for Elders and Elementary students COMPUTER BASICS  In computer subject it is very important to learn about hardware and software. Hardware means anything which we can touch and we can move from place to place is called hardware.  software means anything which we cannot touch and  we cannot see is called software. Examples … Read more

డిజిటల్ మార్కెటింగ్ లో ఉండే 6 ముఖ్యమయిన టాపిక్స్

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హలో! ఈ రోజు ఆర్టికల్ లో డిజిటల్ మార్కెటింగ్ లో ఉండే 6 ముఖ్యమయిన టాపిక్స్ ఎంటో తెలుసుకోవచ్చు. Internet లేదా డిజిటల్ మీడియా ద్వారా మన యొక్క బిజినెస్ ని మార్కెట్ చేసుకోవడాన్ని డిజిటల్ మార్కెటింగ్ అంటారు. ఇప్పుడు చాలా మంది ఎక్కువ సమయం ఆన్లైన్ లోనే  ఉంటున్నారు. మనం మన ప్రాడెక్ట్స్ ని కూడా మనం ఆన్లైన్ లోనే promote చేసుకొంటే మంచి ఫలితాలు ఉంటాయి. దీనికోసం మనం ఈ online marketing లో … Read more

Vakeel comedy

ఈ వీడియో లో మామ అల్లుళ్ళ సంభాషణ అర్థవంతంగా ఉన్నది. ఒక తో  అక్షరం తో అర్థం ఏ విధంగా మారిపోతుందో  గమనించండి.

SP BALU kannada song in his last days

SP BALU sung a kannada song in his last days with some difficulty. SP Balasubramaniam sung a Kannada song in his last days when he was not in good health. His cough was evident when the song started. Despite the cough, he continued the song without stopping. After continuing the song, he was able to … Read more

Heart growl of EPS 95 Pensioner to the Chief Minister

To All the retired employees of APSRTC…. You are requested to kindly send this representation to reach the Honble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Thank you…. Freelancer, Sai EPS 95 Pensioners of The Retired APSRTC Employees Association To The HonorableChief Minister of Andhra Pradesh…. Respected Sir, We humbly submit that Andhra Pradesh state has developed … Read more

Pension Voice of Ashok Rout Ji Zoom meeting 2020

 The version of Shri Ashok Rao ji is that on 4th March 2020, they have met  the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi with the help of Smt Hemamalini ji. Actually, they expected 3 to 4 minutes of interview with the Prime Minister. But  the Prime Minister gave them time for about 30 minutes and was … Read more

EPS 95 Pensioners-The Rtd APSRTC Employees Association writes to the Chief Minister of AP

Writing a Letter to the Chief Minister on EPS 95 problems To the Respected Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister,  The APSRTC Retired Employees Association humbly salutes and asking it..  That’s it!  All your government schemes are very good .. It is a matter of pride for the people of the state. The  people of other states … Read more

EPS 95 Pension-Ashok Rout Ji Zoom Meeting

As we all know, it is Shri Ashok Rout  ji who is leading all the EPS 95 pensioners, who are the aspirants of hike of Minimum pension. Recently Ashok Rout Ji  has come forward with a program of NAC Future Compaign, which is known to alll. It is no doubt the central ministers and the … Read more