A Very Good Reply by GS on Hike of Eps 95 Pension

A Very Good Reply by GS on Hike of Eps 95 Pension
A Very Good Reply by GS on Hike of Eps 95 Pension

This is a genuine and realistic reply to the maximum extent. The information given is reliable and there is no overexpression. Each important item has been covered and Eps 95 Pensioner problems brought to the limelight.

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Reply outward email no.5521/- 5th May 2021


The Regional Provident Fund Commissioner,(Pension),

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Head Office,

Bhikajii Kama Place, New Delhi

Subject:- Humble request to Hon.Shri Apurva Chandraji, International Labour Organisation Chairman, Email with Video Speech link to help EPS 95 Pensioners without any Delay in Covid 19 Pandemic with a second wave..- Reg

Reference:-your Email dated 3 rd May 2021,

Respected Sir,               

With reference to the cited above subject, it is too true no doubt sir, that the EPS-95 pension scheme is itself funded with the contribution of 8.33% of employer and 1.16 %  of the Central Government., at that time there was no ceiling on monthly payments.

Nowadays there is Rs 5000/-,6500/ and 15000/, payment ceiling Supreme court had also been taken a note about it. However, it should not be forgotten that this is a welfare scheme of the Government of India to Eps 95 Pensioners.

The majority of employees and trade unions had opposed this scheme and there were about 34 to 35  Writ petitions in the Courts.  

The government of India and EPFO advertised in the newspapers that the Said scheme is better than the pension scheme of the Government. It was a full-page advertisement in the newspapers in this regards. ( January 1996 ).

The government and EPFO pleaded in the Supreme court that this is a very beneficial and welfare scheme of the Government and it is in view to provide social and economical benefits compared with illustration as social security in old age and consequently and Supreme court allowed the said scheme (  M/s Otis Elevator employees Union case decided in 2003), that’s why we humble request you  for increasing minimum pension sir, It is our Fundamental Rights and main duty of Epfo to protect the constitutional benefits of customer and founders.

 As per your assertion, the pension fund is in deficit since 2000 therefore said pension is not increased in the last 21 years. We have humbly requested you that give a single name of any other Pension scheme in case pension is not increased from the last 21 years When the scheme was introduced and released under the social security act sir. 

You are also required to mention what corrective actions are taken by the EPFO in this regard under para 32 of the scheme, since 2000.

In our opinion, the deficit is not our lookout sir, we the employee’s employers and the government are the contributors as directed by Epfo in the pension fund. There were so many lacunae in it like improper management of the fund, not proper investment, corruption by the official of EPFO,  misappropriation by the official of EPFO and inefficiency of the EPFO.all these points discussed in Standing Committees many times as per our knowledge after that. Bhagatsing Koshiyari committee had also submitted for further quick actions in the year 2014.

Why Epfo had not pressurised to Government for the bettered lives with social security aspects as per our original scheme (eps 95 ) ?

EPFO fund is owned by the employees and pensioners. The owners are getting a meagre pension of 700-800 Rs whereas the EPFO fund employee pensioners are getting a pension from the Central Government that too from the fund.

EPS 95 pensioners are dying for want of food and medicine and employees of EPFO are getting  Rs. 2000/- as medical allowance. This is very unfair sir we think.

A huge amount of the  Fund is being used for the Court Cases in the High Courts across the country and in the Supreme court for the fault and mistakes of the EPFO officers. This type of unnecessary expenses have also contributed to the loss of the Fund EPFO is fully sir, this is my humble submission with honour.

We only the social and constitutional beneficiaries. of Government. We hopefully request that you may not think to put the reasons of funds. For the last 21 years, the same reply had been submitted by honourable  EPFO  through the government. Your constitutional fundamental Rights sir. about 7 lakhs pensioners are died without taking social security benefits.


Yours sincerely,

Prakash Pathak,

National General Secretary,



The Hon’ble Chair Man, International

Labour organisation,

C/o Secretary Labour and employment, Shram Shakti Bhavan, New Delhi.

Respected sir,

Copy for information about replied D.O.letter of addressed to I.L.O, Chair Man by EPFO. Said reply is not a new for us sir, repeat it again and again so many times sir, therefore we again humbly requested to hon’ble Chair Man International labour organisation and Central Government for needful and to save the died rates of EPS 95 Pensioners with immediate effect,7 lakhs died, rates is too high sir. we hope from  I.L.O. and Government will save our lives.

Thanks with regards

Prakash Pathak ,

National General Secretary, Employees Pension 1995 Coordination Committee Nagpur.12.

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