When will the Rs. 7500 Minimum pension will be fulfilled?

Will the promise of Rs. 7500 Minimum pension will be fulfilled?

Many Eps 95 pensioners and leader delegates are opining that By the time the fulfillment of Rs. 7500 as Minimum pension, all these pensioners might be taking rest under the earth.

Leave the amount of Rs. 7500 to the null.

Let the Minimum pension be raised to Rs. 4000 or 5000. Most of the poor pensioners will be happy.

Yesterday EPS’95 T.P and Senior citizens sangrahana Samithi Warangal region a meeting is conducted at public garden Hanmakonda.

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Nearly 220 members of EPS’95 pensioners participated.

The Telangana coordinator K Nageshwar Rao addressed the NAC meeting and informed the latest position and activities, and the need for strengthens of NAC at Telangana and clear the doubts which were asked by them.

D.L.N.Chary president had emphasized the messages of Zoom meeting where ashok Raut ji addressed and informed that we definitely achieve the minimum pension of ₹ 7500/- plus DA and unity of EPS’95 holders.

B Narayana Goud secretary had informed the message of the president and chief coordinator of south Ramakant ji and the importance of all district NAC committees and state bodies.

Devender Reddy VP and Madhava Rao had shouted the main demands of NAC  all gathers are shouted for achieving it under the leadership of Ashok Raut ji only.

Madhava Rao had briefly explained the importance of minimum pension than higher pension which is in the judiciary.

The majority of people are benefited from a minimum pension which is to be solved by govt only.

Madhava Rao

What the contributor of this content opines……

All the efforts no doubt are praiseworthy. But there is a time limit for any promise. Many August 15ths, Many Parliamentary sessions over, Many Budgets are over. All have allured but in vain.

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