Eps 95 Pensioners Issues to the Chief Justice of India.

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Eps 95 Pensioners Issues to the Chief Justice of India.
Eps 95 Pensioners Issues

Eps 95 Pensioners Issues to the Chief Justice of India.

The Chief Justice of India has come to Hyderabad very recently. Our Eps 95 Pensioners have utilized the opportunity to meet and submit the issues of Eps 95 Pensioners personally on 15.06.2021.

The TAPRPA state committee delegation consisting of P.Krishnamurthy president, N.Brahmachary and P.Narayana reddy deputy general Secretaries with the help of MLC Shri Narsireddy garu met Honourable Chief Justice of India Shri N V Ramana Garu YESTERDAY i.e. 15-6 -2021 ,3.30pm at Rajabhavan, Hyderabad.
They have submitted the representation on behalf of TAPRPA state committee and,All India co- ordination committee of EPS pensioners, to dispose the review petitions by government of India and EPFO at an early date. Honourable CJI has responded positively and instructed PA to make a note of the same.

Alleged by

M.Rangaiah state General Secretary TAPRPA and APRPA General Secretary Sri Sudhakar Rao

Thanks to the above members on behalf of all India Eps 95 Pensioners and special thanks to

Sri P. Narsi Reddy, MLC garu for having spent his valuable time for the sake of Eps 95 Pensioners.

Whenever and wherever opportunity comes, the Pensioners have to take the injustice done for the community  of the Eps 95 Pensioners to the notice of higher ups

4 thoughts on “Eps 95 Pensioners Issues to the Chief Justice of India.”

  1. Request to primminister from very long time what ever the financial position of our country our MP and MLA always get free facility and pension why they get pension if they want serve our country then serve free only privet servant suffer I get. rs 1200 in the present sinerreo any one can survive pl stop pension of M L A andMP and also free facilety

  2. Shame on Government. They don’t have to spend money. Our money to be given to us. What’s that they loose.
    Partially some states are getting. And most of the leaders in Pension committee also are getting rest of the people what sin they have done 90% of pensioners are struggling for day today expenditure.
    Modiji, pl consider this seriously and implement for the rest of people.
    Pl give justice to rest of people. God bless You

  3. Very good to represent to cji on behalf of eps 95 pensioners political leaders are taken 2 or 3 pensions and get so many fecilities stop the pensions to political leaders and give the minimum pension to eps 95 pensioners


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