Eps 95 Pensioners Latest News 2021

Eps 95 Pensioners Latest News 2021
Eps 95 pensioners problems

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EPS95/NAC/VVIP1606 Date:16.06.2021

EPS95 Pension Latest News

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Hon’ble / Hon’ble Shri / Smt……..
Member of Parliament, …..

Subject:- What is our fault? If this is not cheating with EPS 95 pensioners then what is?
Honorable request regarding getting their just rights to the old EPS95 pensioners residing in your area.

Honorable Sir/Madam,
It is humbly requested that we are 67 lakh Government/Semi-Government/Centre-States operated under Public/Limited/Un-Limited Companies/Industries/Mines/Mills/Departments/Corporations/Co-operative-Semi-Cooperative/Dairies/Private Sectors etc. Etc. employed and retired employees who come in pension scheme named EPS-95 for social security and security of their life in old age, in which contribution has also been deposited every month in this scheme for a happy old age as mentioned below.
During his service, he made the country prosperous by shedding his blood and sweat in the new construction of the country, but today he is living in a very pathetic and dying condition due to getting little or no pension. At the same time, most of the people who have lost their respect in the family and society are also getting lost.

Dear Sir, there are many families of our EPS-95 pensioners in your own Lok Sabha constituency.
The brief description of the scheme with respect for your information is as follows:-

Employees Pension Scheme 1995 (EPS-95) was implemented on 16th November 1995. *Family Pension Scheme 1971*, issued earlier, was closed and all the amount (corpus money) deposited in that scheme was transferred to the account of the EPS-95 scheme. Gone.
* All the members were forced to join this new scheme EPS 1995 scheme without giving any alternative to any other social/economic security scheme or pension scheme. Whereas the employees serving before 1971 were not included in this.
The important fact here is that the money deposited by the employees in this old *Family Pension Scheme scheme, whose value today is in lakhs of rupees, was deposited in the account of the EPS-95 scheme.*
After this, the employees deposited Rs.417/-, Rs.541/-, Rs.1250/- per month in this pension fund as per the government rules during their entire service, the value of which is about Rs.15 lakh per pensioner today, Whereas we old pensioners are being given only ₹ 200/- to ₹ 3000/- pension.
You will be surprised to know that only because of this pension, we do not get the benefit of free medical or any subsidized / free social security or food grains, etc., public welfare scheme, etc.

Despite the contribution, our pension is so low that we do not even have the money to pay the fees to the doctor, apart from the cost of living and drug treatment / clinical examination of two people.

Under this EPS 95 scheme, the small pension amount that is fixed, the same pension remains for life.

* The provision of return of capital, which was the soul of this scheme, has also been stubbornly abolished unilaterally since 2008. * If you notice, it comes in the category of the world’s biggest economic fraud.

*Because :-*
Date:- *07.01.1996* In almost all the newspapers of the country, the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) advertised and circulated officially * to confuse the employees * that this EPS 95 scheme was the then government pension. More than 10% will be profitable from the scheme. The pension benefits on retirement under the New Pension Scheme are even more than the benefits available to government employees at that time. Government employees get a dearness allowance increase on their pension, under this new pension scheme, there is a provision to evaluate it for three years or earlier. The government has agreed to conduct this assessment annually.*
In this scheme of the most attractive *, there is also a provision of return of capital, etc. *!!!!

Affected by all these advertisements, at that time the opposition of the confused employees to implement the membership of this scheme forcibly reduced. Because this proposal was made by broadcasting in a very tempting way only for those who deposit provident funds to survive in old age.

But after this, by unilaterally abolishing the provision of return of capital (ROC) and commutation in 2008 and high pension on real salary in 2014, EPFO ​​breached the biggest economic recharge commitment to date, against which every High Court has ruled in favor of pensioners. has been decided in.
In the year 2014, Mr. The Prime Minister announced to increase the amount of pension to at least ₹ 1000 / -, but in the year 2014 itself, by changing the rules of the scheme, the calculation of the pension amount, which was fixed on the average salary of the last 12 months, was made to 60 months* due to which the amount of pension was reduced even more.*

Our organization NAC has taken the voice of the suffering EPS-95 pensioners to the government to get the proper demands of the pensioners approved for the last five years across the country from Tehsil level to the National level in front of EPFO ​​Headquarters at Jantar Mantar Ramlila Maidan New Delhi, Delhi Took many different types of movements.

Several meetings of the representatives of NAC were held with the Labor Minister and Mr. The Labor Minister listened to us carefully, held several meetings with many other officers from the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Labor under him, gave assurances, but concrete decisions were not taken in respect of the main demands.

Trusting the repeated assurances and advice of the Labor Minister, our organization Rashtriya Sangharsh Samiti withdrew all the proposed agitations across the country. In front of District Collectorate Buldhana, only for the vitality of our organization in NAC’s Headquarters Buldhana Maharashtra, from 24.12.2018, continuous fasting is going on unbroken from 24.12.2018, which is 906th day on 16th June 2021.

Fortunately, on 04.03.2020,  Under the leadership of Smt. Hema Malini, the countries. The meeting of the National President of the Rashtriya Sangharsh Samiti, Commander Ashok Raut, and the NAC delegation was concluded with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. *After listening very carefully to the problems of the representatives of the organization, the Prime Minister also ordered the concerned minister in the Prime Minister’s Office to solve the problems of the pensioners at the earliest, but justice has not been received yet.

For the attention of the Prime Minister and for the unfair treatment and behavior of EPFO.
In protest from 06.04.2021 to 15.04.2021 by all EPS 95 pensioners in the country
*12 day protest period* was organized, under which all the EPFO ​​offices in the country, Mr. Prime Minister / Mr. Memorandums were also given in the name of Chairman CBT.

In order to remember the fulfillment of the promise given by them to the Prime Minister, on June 1, 2021, pensioner husband and wife and “many families” across the country also observed a day’s fast and made a Gandhian effort to remind the honorable of the promise.
Now to get rid of the serious problems of maintenance of EPS95 pensioners to get the demands of the pensioners approved soon, in view of the dissatisfaction and pain among the pensioners due to the increasing death rate among the pensioners due to lack of treatment. To get the demands approved by reaching the compassionate call of the pensioners to the Prime Minister / Government.
*”Save EPS-95 Pensioners*”

A nationwide campaign has been launched. Sir, for respectable pension, the first expert committee in 2008-2009, in 2013, senior learned leader of Bharatiya Janata Party, Mr. Under the chairmanship of Mr. Bhagat Singh Ji Koshyari Sahib, committees like Koshyari Committee, then High Power Monitoring Committee, and then Parliamentary Committee on Labor, etc. were set up in 2018.

* On the issue of minimum pension, it is said that it is a self-funded scheme but the truth is that the government’s contribution to the family pension scheme of 1971 was 1.16% in 1971 and even today it is 1.16%. Why?
That is why the Koshyari committee recommended increasing it to 8.33%. It has also been said by EPFO ​​that pension increase is not possible without “Budgetary Support”.

* With respect to high pension on actual salary, it is clear that despite the provision in the EPS-95 scheme, high pension was not given. * Under compulsion, pensioners kept going to courts to get justice, winning cases, pensioners on behalf of EPFO. Crores of rupees of pensioners were wasted and are still being done by continuing the chain of protest through repetition on writ petitions against pensioners in the court.
*Finally on the date 4.10.2016, the Supreme Court ordered in favor of EPS, 95* pensioners.* According to this order, after completing all the official formalities, the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) on the date* 23.03.2017 all the interested pensioners. A circular was also issued to give pension at the increased rate. *The announcement of which Mr. By the Labor Minister, in the biggest court of the public system i.e. in the Parliament.*
But later EPFO ​​issued an Interim Advisory on 31.05.2017 and stopped giving pension at a high rate and now *EPFO has issued its own order dated 23.03.2017 in compliance with the decision of the Supreme Court. has been kept.*

* For medical facilities, from the year 2017 on one side, Mr. The Labor Minister also informed by writing letters to the Members of Parliament from time to time that the plan is under consideration/work is going on and also assured the office bearers of the Rashtriya Sangharsh Samiti that it will be implemented soon.
But on the other hand, EPFO ​​denies by arguing that there is no provision in the scheme.
Look at the dogma of EPFO ​​here, the facilities/provisions which are there in the original scheme also do not provide, and for a facility like medical, it is very easy to say that it is not a provision in the scheme, what is the irony with us?

* From all these facts it seems that if this is not EPFO’s deceit towards EPS 95 pensioners?*
Because EPFO ​​has * our pension fund of more than five and a half lakh crore rupees *

Despite having to say that we have nothing to give to the pensioners. To divert attention from the original issue, even now it is being said that the EPS 95 scheme will be reformed.
This so-called Reform will take time again and at this time it is not known how many of our members will go to heaven after suffering and suffering.
All of us pensioners have already contributed as per the instructions of the government in the hope that old age goes well, but nothing has been received.

*Therefore, the EPS-95 pensioners residing in your parliamentary constituency, oppressed and harassed by EPFO, on the basis of our political leader’s relationship in the government, request you that*,
In this upcoming monsoon session of Parliament please:-
1. Get the minimum pension of Rs.7500/- + dearness allowance sanctioned.
If necessary, provision should be made in the budget or legislation should be passed for this. (This reasonable demand based on inflation index calculation) has been made on the basis of increased inflation in 7-8 years (minimum pension ₹ 3000 or more and dearness allowance thereon) as per the recommendation of Koshyari Committee (Rajya Sabha Petition 147).

2. Withdrawal of the interim advisory dated 31.05.2017 issued by EPFO ​​and grant of higher pension as per EPFO ​​circular dated 23.03.2017.

For the information of the civil servant, the article is that if the minimum pension is ₹ 7500 + DA and the option of a higher rate of pension on actual salary if both these demands are approved together, then the number of pensioners opting for higher pension, increased age to deposit the PF amount taken years ago back in a lump sum with huge interest on it, the availability of so much money with the old pensioners, *who are desperate for food and drink, is not possible due to reasons, etc. will remain negligible.*

The subject of this high pension has been tried by some officials of EPFO ​​like a hair cut and by presenting wrong data to various competent institutions at different levels, keeping the seniors in the dark beyond the reality and implicated the pensioners in this vicious cycle. has gone.

3. Provide free medical facilities to all EPS-95 pensioners and their dependents (wife or husband).
If there is no provision in the scheme, as our leader and representative, please get it done now, rules/laws are for all public welfare.

4. The retired employees who have not been included in the EPS-95 or any other pension scheme by the employers, they should be brought under the scheme by making them a member of the pension scheme or Rs. The amount should be provided as a pension.
Although the number of such retired employees is very less in the country, but even then they are employees citizens of this country.

Dear Sir, * you are not only our respected sensitive political representative, you are the government for us.
Now it is in your hands that:- * Will these thousands of old pensioners of your own die in agony like this, or will they get justice and in the latter part of life they will get an opportunity to live life with respect.*
I have to write with a moved heart that every month more than five thousand pensioners were leaving the world due to lack of treatment for malnutrition and old age diseases in the country, and now due to corona epidemic this rate has increased even more.

Please don’t wait any longer because all of us pensioners are struggling for the last many years through our organization NAC.
Now, most of the pensioners are in the last stage of life and the age is 65 years or more.
Accordingly, at least *in the last moment, please give us an opportunity to live a life with dignity so that we can die in peace.*

The pensioners of our own area believe that, if our above demands are not fulfilled in the upcoming Parliament session, then it is better to see the death of our members every day and than to die in agony. Do it.*
Awaiting speedy justice, on behalf of all the pensioners of the district/districts/division,



District/Divisional President,
National Conflict Committee (NAC)
mobile number…

Copy to: Civil Regards:-
Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, Government of India,
Raisina Hills New Delhi
Mr. Finance Minister,
Government of India, New New Delhi
Labor Minister,
Government of India, New Delhi.

CBT Member.

Commander Ashok Raut,
National President,
National Conflict Committee,
Buldhana Maharashtra.
provincial president,
National Struggle Committee.