EPS 95 Pensioners pathetic condition drawn the attention of the CM

Odisha Chief Minister on the pathetic condition of Eps 95 pensioners:

Drawing the consideration of the Center to the situation of around 1.62 lakh EPF retired people in the State, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Thursday looked for the reworking of the benefits structure.

Recipients of the Employees’ Pension Scheme-1995, oversaw by Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), are being given an immaterial sum, the Chief Minister wrote in a letter to the then Union Minister of State (Independent Charge), Labor and Employment.

Old age difficulties of Eps 95 Pensioners

These are the old age difficulties of the Eps 95 pensioners.

  • Many of the pensioners are getting the pension below Rs. 1200
  • Many Eps 95 pensioners are not getting the welfare schemes on the pretext that they are the Government pensioners
  • Many Eps 95 pensioners are facing livelihood probmems. Only some of them getting higher pension, which is very low.
  • Many penioners are not in a position to get good medical treatment due to their finacial problems.
  • Some pensiones are not getting support from their children at this old age.

EPS95 Pension Latest News

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“I might want to cause you to notice the situation of EPF retired people who with an insignificant month to month benefits are confronting difficulties in their old age”, the Chief Minister said.

Expressing that on numerous occasions EPS-95 retired people’s affiliations are advancing their interest for correction of least benefits by the Center, he said the recipients have presented a notice to the State government as well.

The beneficiaries are likewise referring to a suggestion by the Petition Committee headed by Rajya Sabha MP Bhagat Singh Koshyari in 2013 for improvement of month-to-month annuity, which they comprehend is forthcoming at the Center for thought, Naveen said.

The Eps 95 pensioners complaints are thoughtful

“The complaints of these retired people merit thoughtful at your end as they had added to country working at their excellent age.

Also, presently they ought to be ensured by the State with sensible monetary and government-managed retirement”, he said.

This can be guaranteed by reworking their benefits structure for which they have been seeking after at each level, the Chief Minister said.

Eps 95 Pension Latest News today supreme court

In spite of the Highcourt in many states have given the judgment on higher pension in favor of the eps 95 pensioners, the Government has given them permission to file a petition against the welfare of the poor eps 95 pensioners. Crores of rupees are being expended towards fees for senior expert costly lawyers. The money spent for the advocates is also from the contributions of the eps 95 pensioners.

Eps 95 Minimum pension

Presently the eps 95 pensioners pension is around from the Rs. 800 to 1500 which is very low than the ordinary senior citizen gets as old-age pension from the State Government in many States. Out of about 65 lakh pensioners, Mazor pensioners are getting in this amount range.

Eps 95 pension latest news 2021 today

Recently, the minister for Eps 95 pensioners and Labour and Employment has been sent out from the ministry and the new minister Sri Bhogeswar Rao has been inducted in his place.

Many pensioners are awaiting favorable words and decisions from the new minister. He has to take the lead and conduct surveys in person and guide the CBT and the cabinet and the Prime Minister of India. The earlier minister went out without doing anything.

Questions and Answers

When will the Minimum Pension get increased?

In near future, there is no such move from the Central Government. Recently new minister is appointed to this pension-related portfolio. The pensioners still wait and see.

Was there any financial assistance during the corona pandemic to Eps 95 pensioners from the Centre?

No, there was no such financial assistance from the Central Government as on this date.

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