Is pollution the cause of the pandemic corona?

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Is pollution the cause of the pandemic corona?
Is pollution the cause of the pandemic corona?

Is pollution the cause of the corona?
This question sounds like yes.
For example, it has been killing humanity all over the world since 2019.
This is the third year that the corona wind continues to blow around the world.
Many formidable young men, beginning in old age, fell victim to the corona.
One thing is noteworthy here.
The corona will diminish for a while as long as it is locked down.
Shortly after the lock-down is removed the corona comes back, booming, ruthlessly killing humans.
It has been proven not once, but three times.
Now we need to know what are the causes of pollution.
-Growing up two-wheelers, their smoke.
-Stray growing autos, their smoke.
-Cars scattered growing, their smoke.
-Scattered growing trucks, their smoke.
-Stray growing trucks. , Their smoke.
-Scattered buses, their smoke.
Most of the above vehicles are age bar.
Transport officials who did not see Choosy. There are many, many people who cannot afford to buy new vehicles.
The man forgot to walk.
Even the average human being, if crossing a compound, wants a two-wheeler or an auto. This is the raw truth. Too much means that very, very few are using God-given legs.

Recently, electronic mopes have come into the market. These will work with batteries. It is better to use them to avoid some pollution

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