Eps 95 Pesnioners Result less Efforts

Many greats, thanks to all
Achieved null

Eps 95 Pensioners


Telangan Penioners and Retired Persons
a Memorandum
to the Chief Justice of India
with the Support of MLC.

Ashok Rout, Ex Commander,President,

National Agitation Committee

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Eps 95 PensionersAssociation

The above photo is taken when zoom meeting is conducted for NAC meeting.

C.S.  Prasada Reddy, Apsrtc Rtd Personal 


Ashok Rout NAC President, 

Ranjit Singh, NAC Secreraty

Upadyaya, District President, NAC,

and other important Leaders and delegates have met Smt Hemamalini and submitted a representaion for justice in the penion hike.

In the recent elecions, the EPS 95 Pensioners have shown their
vote power as per the social media news and statistics.

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when pension increse?

not near future

What about higher pension