Effective Letter to the CJI Supreme court by TPRPA for Eps 95 Pensioners

Effective Letter to the CJI Supreme court by TPRPA for Eps 95 Pensioners
Effective Letter to the CJI Supreme court by TPRPA for Eps 95 Pensioners

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writes to the

Hon’ble Chief Justice of India,

Supreme Court of India,

New Delhi-110001


Subject: Doing Justice to Employees Provident Fund Pensioners Reg:- 

Telangana All Pensioners & Retired Persons Association represents pensioners from all walks of life in the state. 

All India Coordinating Committee of EPS  Works as an affiliate of the Pensioners Association, we are proud to be the first Chief Justice of India to be elected as a Telugu. 

We are hopeful that justice will be done to the pensioners. 

We bring to your notice briefly the injustice being done to these pensioners and the loopholes in the scheme. 

Indian working class P.F.  , In addition to gratuity, has been fighting for a long time to have a pension as the 3rd benefit after retirement. 

The Family Pension Scheme was introduced in 1971.  If the husband dies in service, the wife will be given a pension of at least Rs. 250 / -.  It will be reviewed annually.  But until 1994, that is, after 24 years of review, the scheme was abolished. 

On November 16, 1995, EPS.  -95 was introduced.  Thousands of crores of rupees raised under the scheme have been earmarked as corpus funds for EPS.  But this is not the 3rd benefit that workers want.  The 12% PF paid by the employer or the government to the PF is divided into 2 parts and transferred to 3.67% PF and 8.33% to the pension scheme. 

The scheme has a salary cap of Rs 5,000 initially, then Rs 6,500 from 2001 and Rs 15,000 after 2014.  Under this scheme, if you serve 35 years, you will get a pension of Rs 3,250.  The scheme is set at 95 so full pensions will come on either by 2030. 

In the first 4 years, the pension was increased at the rate of 4%, 4%, 5.5%, and 4% per annum.  But the pension has not been increased for the last 20 years.  The minimum pension under the scheme was Rs 350 while the family pension was only Rs 250.

The minimum pension was increased to Rs 1,000 in 2014 after several struggles.  However, even Rs.1000 is not being implemented for various reasons i.e. selling pension, saving some portion, and taking an early pension. 

At the beginning of the scheme, 33% of the pension could be sold, 10% or 12% could be saved and the capital gain (ROC) would be 3% cent in the pension cut, with an early pension of 50 years.  These were repealed unilaterally and illegally after 2008.  The fund is managed by the Central Board of Trustees.  But its decisions will not be enforced.  The pension calculation system has averaged 12 months in the past and is now averaging 60 months.  CBT  Although it is recommended for 30 months, it is not implemented.  

The government has not implemented the recommendations made to pay under the Loyalty of Rs 50,000 to those who have served for 20 years that the Employees Deposited Linked Insurance Scheme has funds.  The PPO has ruled that the higher pension scheme does not apply to exempted organizations without discussion in the CBT. 

Supreme Court Judgments – Recommendations of Committees

The Supreme Court ruled on 4.10.16 that even if 12% PF is paid on the full salary in the Central and State Public Sector Undertakings, it is illegal to send it to the pension scheme on a limited salary and calculate the pension on full pay and pay the arrears. Accordingly, the government EPFO has issued an   Order on 23.9.2017.  Controversy then arises as to whether it does not apply to exempted companies on 31.5.17.    They demanded that the Refundable P.F.money be paid with interest and that there are contradictions that the employer and the worker be given a joint option, that there are no records.   

After the pension revisions for some people across the country were made on the higher pension, the central government decided to through EPFO the SIP.  No.   by 16721-16722 / 2019.  The other 58 EPS.  – 95 pensioners have filed a petition no.  1430-1431 / 2019,   in the Supreme Court.  All are now pending. 

Revised pensions are also stagnant and the old few are getting the same pension. 

Many old people are dying. 

In addition, families are being torn apart by the corona.  There are many struggles going on for changes in EPS.  As a result, the government set up a committee in 2008 for a comprehensive review. 

An expert committee was set up in 2009.  2009 Recommendations made by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labor.  The Center recommended giving a minimum pension, linking pensions with prices, and revising pensions along with wages.  But not implemented

In 2013, a petition was filed in the Rajya Sabha under the chairmanship of Koshyar.  They recommended a minimum pension of Rs 3,000 and drought relief.  He said the BJP government would implement it within 100 days of coming to power.  But, even after seven years, it is not implemented.  In January 2018, the BJP government launched the EPS.  A High Empowered Monitoring Committee was set up on pensions.  The committee submitted its report to the Central Government and did not release its report even after 2 1/2 s. 

For the last 2 years, the ruling party has been chanting on social media that the minimum pension is Rs 7,500. 

Workers are immersed in illusions and gaining benefits in elections.  

But justice was not done to them. 

* The 60-month average, pro rata method of calculating pension should be abolished. 

* In Central Public Sector Undertakings, Central Government Minimum Pensions should be implemented in State Public Sector Undertakings, State Government Minimum Pensions. 

* Pension should be ‘linked to prices and paid for by drought’. 

* Medical facility should be provided to pensioners as in service. 

* Supreme Court Judgments, C.B.T.  Decisions must be implemented. 

* PF to be paid on full pay even in private companies.  Loopholes in P.F. Act should be eliminated. 

Considering the above injustices, we appeal to you for justice sir.

with thanks,


(M. Rangaiah)

General Secretary