Where is the Regular Press Coverage for Eps 95 Pensioners Problems?

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Where is the Regular Press Coverage for Eps 95 Pensioners Problems?
Where is the Regular Press Coverage for Eps 95 Pensioners Problems?

Request message to all Eps 95 Pensioners Associations:

Where is the Regular Press Coverage for Eps 95 Pensioners Problems?

NAC plan of the blueprint is very good for Eps 95 Pensioners. There is no doubt about it. But, the problems are as follows.

Implementation of the blueprint is only in some states of Northern India. This is to be understood by the delegates of NAC and take corrective action.

In the Southern states, there is no concentration on the implementation of the plan. Sincere efforts are required to pull up the Eps 95 Pensioners and delegates and they have to be properly educated.

Press coverage of News relating to Eps 95 Pensioners: 

This problem is self-explanatory and utmost importance is required.

There is no press coverage of actions of NAC in the National News Papers like Hindu,

Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle News Today, and Local Newspapers, etc.

It is known to everybody that the Government is recognizing many items through Newspaper coverage. In my view, all almost all problems were attended to and solved by the Government except Eps 95 Pensioners problems.

Up to now, so many programs were drawn by NAC and other Associations related to the subject of Eps 95 Pension in the blueprint, and the same was not properly put into action and they could not reach the hearts of the Government.

What is the use in writing a blueprint, when there is no result.?

Where is the Persuasion over the team of Southern NAC delegates?

There is no persuasion over the team of Southern NAC delegates. It is only on paper.

There is no more affability and amicability with Southern delegates.

It is better to maintain the same among all Eps 95 Pensioner delegates.

It is requested to take many Eps 95 Pensionerw opinions from Southern India.

Unity among the different Associations of Eps 95 Pensioners:

As we all know, there is no unity among the different Association of Eps 95

Pensioners. This is being heard for a long time but there is no solution. This is the weakness of the Associations. The Government knows it very well and not considering the genuine demands of  Eps 95 Pensioners associations. All Pensioners Associations have to take this as a lesson and unite together.

Every Eps 95 Pensioner has a cooperative mind but there is no proper guidance:

Many of the Eps 95 Pensioners have a mind to cooperate with the activities of Eps 95 Pensioners Associations. But the Associations are not properly mobilizing them.

It is bad to hear the Eps 95 Pensioners have they themselves got divided due to selfish activities of some Eps 95 Pensioners Associations.


The regular press coverage in daily newspapers is very important for attracting the Government.

It is known to everybody the many Indian Problems were only solved after regular press coverage.

For press coverage, one or the other activities are required to be conducted in all the states of India.

Social media such as Youtubers have to bring the genuine problems of poor pensioners and conduct interviews with them to bring them to the notice of the Government and authorities. On the contrary, some creators are producing bogus news and alluring the poor and innocent pensioners. It is hereby requested to highlight the genuine problems and factual information in connection with the Eps 95 Pensioners.

These suggestions are not only for NAC and also for all the Eps 95 Pensioners Associations.

Please comment on this content. Any other suggestions also may be given in the comment section of this article below.

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1 thought on “Where is the Regular Press Coverage for Eps 95 Pensioners Problems?”

  1. All the points related to our EPS Pensioners matters are clearly mentioned and in details when you go through the statement that south side the NAC is not effective and there are also no cooperation among the senior old aged pensioners . But to be frank that considering the south side Pensioners they are all aged and most of the pensioners are aged more than 75 years and in their old ages all types of diseases such as sugar complaint and kneepain and other major diseases like this kidney failure and cancers are all affected and moreover most of their families are not as much as rich or competitive in maintaining the family expenses and their children are all not at cared about their parents in their old ages of sickness. So in my openion my humble request is that not attending the meeting and procession are all not going to affect their mind of politicians and our Honourable boss Mr Ashok rout ji is doing the maximum hard work which is also not published in any of the newspaper to know about the status of Pensioners and inhumanity behavior of this BJP ministers from top to bottom. They are also old aged but the difference is that they are rich and we are in poor status worked more than 35 years in pvt concerns with night and day for taking their families children to s good status. But in this case all our ambitions and wishes has been not successfull in our old ages with all diseases . So my humble request that irrespective of north state or south state or any states we have to send our request daily to all the ministers including the CJI ,P.M and L.M though they tear our request in DUSTBIN. Atleast in our old ages whether we get minimum pension or higher pension it is our duty to combine together to fight without seeing the states of north or south. When we unite to fight this govt will take some action otherwise it is our fate only.


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