Entertainment Jokes and Short film

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Entertainment Jokes and Short film

Entertainment just for laughing.

In this joke, we will find many people like this.

Many writers are there in the world.

They say suggestions, proverbs but they will not really have the quality.

For any exercise or creation, money is the main concept to get recognition.

Unless you have money, you can not do any thing.

Thanks to the original composer if this joke.


Recently, there are many jokes coming out on the earth that wives are using their husbands for domestic works luke coocking, washing of plates and clothes. It is not fact with many cases. It may be with few people.





Also, there is good short film, wherein there is a good moral.

This incidents may occur to many people.

The pain behid will be more and it will be realised only when it happens to you or your children.

Always fat people will face this type of problems.

Many times I observed, fat people will not be ordered seat in buses.

Many people try to avoid fat people.

In this short film there is good moral. Please watch and share.