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These funny jokes are compiled for the time pass of the senior citizens in India and abroad. The Indian pensioners are allured on pension. Years are passing and many are vacating their bodies also without seeing the hike in the minimum pension. For their entertainment, this funny joke is prepared both In Telugu and English. … Read more

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పెన్షనర్ ఫ్రెండ్స్,పెన్షన్ పెరుగుతుందో, లేదో ఆ దేవుడికే తెలియాలి.సరదాగా కాసేపు నవ్వుకుందాము.మీకు నవ్వాలని ఉంటె ఈ జోక్స్ చదవండి.జోక్ నచ్చితే షేర్ చేయండి pl Pensioner Friends,Only God knows whether the pension will increase or not.Let’s have fun and laugh for a while.Read these jokes if you want to laugh.If you like the joke please share pl In English One father took … Read more

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Find comedy in telugu jokes: Good comedy in Telugu jokes. Health is wealth. But mere health may not get you mental peace. The comedy in-jokes will give you mental relaxation and peace. thanks and credits to the creator of this joke భార్య:  పెళ్ళిలో మా నాన్న మీ కాళ్లెందుకు కడిగాడు తెలుసా ? భర్త:     తెలియకేం, బురదలో దిగుతున్నావ్, … Read more

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Entertainment Jokes and Short film Entertainment just for laughing. In this joke, we will find many people like this. Many writers are there in the world. They say suggestions, proverbs but they will not really have the quality. For any exercise or creation, money is the main concept to get recognition. Unless you have money, … Read more