This is a request of an Eps 95 pensioner on behalf. of all Eps 95 pensioners.

This request made out of the heart and soul of the neglected Eps 95 pensioner is found in Social Media.

The contributor’s request is to take this agony to the maximum pensioners and also to the maximum CBT members and concerned officials and also the Government.

The agony made out in this matter seems genuine and expect a genuine result in the CBT meeting.

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Thanks to the contributor

Let the Pensioners voice start now…….

CBT Members attention pease

Dt: 28/08/2021.
Why this injustice to poor old-aged EPS pensioners.

Why hundreds of appeals in Various High Courts and 11 appeals in the Supreme Court.

Is it not litigation for the sake of litigation.

Is it not an intentionally dragging the poor old-aged EPS pensioners to the courts at the fag end of their life.

What is the use of CBT meetings when they are not able to protect the poor old-aged EPS pensioners?

What is the use of judgments in thousands of writ petitions in various high courts which are in favor of EPS pensioners?

What is the use of dismissal of 11 appeals of EPFO in the Supreme Court?

CBT Members to learn the RC GUPTA case

What is the use of RC GUPTA a detailed judgment of the Supreme Court which has given clear guidelines in the EPS matters?

What is the use of unanimous decision of the CBT meeting to accept the joint options of the retired persons?

What is the use of the MOL&E Letter dated 16/03/17 for accepting the joint options after retirement?

What is the use of the EPFO letter dated 23/03/17 to all the field offices for accepting the joint options even from retired officials?

When all the high courts and Supreme court denied the cut-off date for submission of joint options, is there any meaning in again raising the matter of cut-off date.

When the SLP of EPFO and all similar SLPs are dismissed on 01/04/19 is there any meaning in submitting to the Supreme Court the matter of cut-off date?

When the RC GUPTA case has become the law of the land and when there is no Review Petition on RC Gupta case by EPFO within the specified time, is there any meaning in pointing out the RC Gupta case?

When EPFO allowed joint options around 30,000 and refixed the EPS pension, is there any meaning in stopping for other poor old-aged EPS pensioners?

When all the EPS pensioners are members of the EPS scheme how can EPFO says the EPS pensioner is not a member to opt for a joint option.

When the matter was litigated since 2006 unsettled and options are not being accepted by EPFO on the pretext of the matter is sub judice, how can there be a cut-off date.

When the Koshiary Committee has recommended in 2013 for payment of government contribution to EPS at 8.33% of salary, is it just to litigate the matter in the name of Financial Viability.

Is EPS scheme is a private organization to declare dividends depending on profits or loss or it is a defined pension scheme made for the welfare of the employees.

CBT Membes to give justification for Rs. 1000 Pension ?

Is it justified to pay RS 1000/- minimum pension to the EPS pensioners who served for decades in public sector undertakings for the development of the country while paying hefty pension to the politicians who served for 5 years which is not at all a service but a voluntary service.

Problems of the Eps 95 pensioners neglected from decades

Is it justified for the CBT members to keep quiet on the problems of EPS pensioners for decades when they are for looking into the problems of EPS pensioners and to resolve them by concrete decisions/proposals?

Already lakhs of EPS pensioners have died due to financial crisis. Do the souls of these dead rest in peace.

It is very easy to harm society but very difficult to do justice to society.

In life, we get very few chances of doing good for society.

I am not to blame anyone. But my request to you all CBT members is to please rise to the occasion and act as per your conscience.

Request to Withdraw Revew Pitition of EPFO and SLP of MOL&E

My request to you all CBT members.

Please take a decision to withdraw the RP of EPFO and SLP of MOL&E.

Please take a decision to implement RC GUPTA judgment in toto :

Irrespective of petitioners and non-petitioners.

Irrespective of Exempted/Un exempted PROVIDENT TRUST members as both are members of the EPS scheme.

Please take a decision to waive the cut-off date since the matter is in unwanted litigation.

Please take a decision to sanction a minimum pension of RS 10000/-

Please take a decision to link EPS pension with price Index.

Please take a decision to allow medical facilities to all EPS pensioners.

Please take a decision to sanction RS 5000/- pension to all nonmembers.

Please take a decision to pay 8.33% contribution of salary by the government.



Let this post reach maximum groups and maximum CBT Members, please.

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