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As you all know, the next date of hearing in the Supreme Court is posted to 25th October 2021.

If everything runs as expected, the hearings will be taken up on that day.
So, those opting for the higher pension shall wait up to that day.
There is confusion among the other pensioners that the decision taken in the Supreme Court will be beneficial to them including the Minimum pensioners. It is not so.

The hike of Minimum Pension is only in the hands of the Central Government.

It is not the Supreme Court that decides it

pension (3)
pension (3)

It is the only higher pension case that is pending in Supreme Court In the Supreme Court till today.

None of them have filed petitions in the Supreme Court for a hike.

It is the only one in the Kerala State by name of Sri Suresh Babu who has filed a case in the Ernakulam Court for a hike of Minimum Pension. In the entire country, it is the only case seeking justice in Minimum Pension.

It is said that the EPFO is paying the Minimum Pension as per the rules laid down in the Regulations in the capacity of a Trust.

But the many people are asking about justice as per the Koshiyari Committee, which is recommended for a hike of Minimum Pension.

Had the Koshiyari Committee recommendations were timely approved, the Minimum Pension would have been Rs. 7500 in two years back itself.

The Government did not implement the Government appointed Committee recommendations at the cost of poor and aged people.

At least partial implementation of the recommendations not taken up leaving the age-old people to their fate.

There is a need of forming Associations, Committees with the Eps 95 pensioners for a hike of genuine Minimum Pension to the extent possible by the Government.

Also, there is a need of coming all the like-minded Associations, Committees under a uniform Flag to struggle for a genuine pension because poor people are not in a position to spend lakhs of rupees for costly senior advocates to file cases in the Supreme Court.

The Central Government is requested by MPs, Ministers from the ruling and opposition for the genuine hike of minimum pension keeping in view the financial condition of the old age servants to the nation. It is time to take any favorable decision by the Government.

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4 thoughts on “Eps 95 pension Latest News 2021 today”

  1. What you have said is absolutely correct sir we all EPS pensioners should unite together under one flag and fight for genuine pension

  2. Every day we are reading all the news about our pension. But our age is increased but the pension remains same. Tomorrow our P.M’s birthday of 72 years with all garlands from his ministers who are all rich and richer.But on the same day so many poor pensioners birthday falls tomorrow. The Pensioners are not even wished by their own family members because they are all burdon for their families and also sent them to orphanages and homes with this poor pension of 600 Rs only. Why our P.M is not having any courtesy upon the old aged pensioners? What reason he is not having any courtesy upon the poor pensioners? Is it because we born in India? If we could have born even in any other country this worst situation will not arise for Pensioners. Hope to pray God to leave this country at the earliest.
    Krishna Krishna krishna NARAYANA.

  3. Increase of minimum pension of Rs.7500 plus DA is in the hands of our Hon’ble Prime Minister. I hope he will consider our genuine demand . If we get this minimum pension of Rs 7500/- , all the old age eps 95 pensioners will vote for only BJP.

  4. As we hope the increase of minimum pension of Rs: 7,500/- per month + increase D.A every six months. God will help to change the mind if Central cabinet.


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