Eps 95 Pensioners to know Guide Lines on Fasting Programme by NAC

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National Agitation Committee(NAC) Of EPS pensioners: –

One day Nationwide Fasting Programme by EPS 95 pensioners dated 1 June 2021 –

Why the Nationwide Fasting Programme?
1.To remind once again about the promise given by the Hon. Prime Minister on 04.03.2020 regarding fulfillment of our demands.
2.Today is the 879th day of the Chain Hunger Strike in the Headquarters of NAC, Buldhana Maharashtra, but our demands are neither accepted nor approved nor even addressed properly.

3.Coronavirus was turned into a pandemic situation last year, but our EPS pensioners are suffering for the last many years due to this reluctant attitude of our Government towards the EPS95 scheme. Pensioners are departing from the world at the rate of about 5000 per month and now due to the Corona epidemic death rate has increased even more.

To offer reverence to the memory of all those great heroes who passed away .

4. To convey our feelings to the Government through the Honorable Members of Parliament of your respective regions.

5. For helping immediate health recovery of the affected people from this Corona epidemic and to create awareness amongst those who are not affected by praying to that Supreme Power, the almighty according to the procedure of your own religions.

On 01.06.2021, all EPS 95 pensioners should participate and cooperate in the National wide Fasting Programme from their respective homes only.

Fasting program: –

* Fasting period – 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.
* If possible, both husband and wife should participate.
* Family members of pensioners can also participate in this Programme.
* Working employees are also expected to participate in this program for their bright future by staying on duty, and observing fasting your taking fruit diet.

* Veterans and people suffering from any disease (diabetes, heart disease, etc.) should not sit in fast, they are only expected to pray for all.
* After starting the fast, please send a message (which is being forwarded to you separately) and your photo to the Prime Minister’s office at [email protected] on this E Mail with a copy to NAC’s email at [email protected] gmail.com. Also send the message along with the photo to the Hon.Member of Parliament of your region by E Mail and also on their WhatsApp number, for which the link is being given.

Please remember that you are the representatives of all the members, who are our brothers/sisters and also our organization’s ground level activists, who do not even have ordinary phones, and we cannot even contact them directly due to this Covid Situation.

Jeshtha Bharat – Shreshtha Bharat

Commander Ashok Raut,
National President


6 thoughts on “Eps 95 Pensioners to know Guide Lines on Fasting Programme by NAC”

  1. I read your message regarding the fasting on 1..6.21 . But due to my I’ll health of my age factor I couldn’t able to join in the fasting with all our Pensioners group. How ever I pray God to support this fasting and atleast by now our P.M will be taking the action in the next month to avoid further damage to our group. Once again thanks to ashok rout ji who is supporting and taking hard work with our matter .

  2. Thanks for formulating this innovative program, all the EPF Pensioners irrespective of their status can participate in this novel method. One can true to self and their conscious by participating.

  3. Agreed for the move and will participate to make it a success. We (people from non- govt. Organization)have contributed mostly to build our nation and must get our share to live our life.

  4. लढ रहे थे.लढ रहे है.लढते रहेंगे.
    कबतक ? सात हजार पांचसौ और महंगाई भत्ता मिलनेतक.👍Commander Ashok Raut & Pramod Zambre & Chandrashekhar Deshpande दिख रहे है साथमे .
    1जून 2021 भारतभर अनशन आंदोलन 👍
    I will take part in this Unique Powerful Fast Agitation.👍
    Pramod Zambre Thane


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