EPS Pensioners ZOOM Meetings of Ashok Rout Jee



EPS 95 pensioners National agitation committee – some developments.

Recently Shri Ashok Road has started meetings with EPS 95 pensioners of all the states of India using Information Technology zoom meetings.

 Many of you know that Shri Ashok Rout jee, Ex Commander, started National Agitation Committeeejee and running it in all states of India. He is the national president of NAC.

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He  is representing pensioners problems with the Government of India and met the Prime Minister and explained the pensioner problems and got assurance of the  hike of minimum pension.

He  is confident of achieving rupee 7500 as minimum pension and the medical facilities. He has recently given some Pressmeets to this effect.

 The demand of Rs. 7500 minimum pension is a genuinel demand. It is calculated as per the Koshiyaar Committee. Koshiyaar is the present Governor of Maharashtra State.  I will explain it in another article later.

Now. let us come to the subject.  Shri Ashok Rawat jee  is kind enough to talk to EPS 95 pensioners directly whichever department it might be.

 On 25.08.20, he conducted zoom meeting with Andhra Pradesh pensioners and on 26.08.20,  his schedule is with Telangana pensioners today on 26.08.20. Again after Round up to Northern  pensioners, he scheduled to conduct zoom meeting with Andhra Pradesh pensioners.

Sri C.S. Prasad Reddy, convener of Southern India for NAC is coordinating to Shri Ashok rout jee for successful conducting of zoom meetings.

The only step you have to follow is, you should have Zoom app in mobile.  So please download Zoon App.

 How to enter to zoom meeting 

step1:  Click on zoom 

step2:  Click on join meeting

step3:  Enter meeting ID

step4:  Enter passcode 


           wait for a halh minute

           You  will enter into zoom meeting soon the host accepts you.

 Regarding meeting ID and Passcode, you will advancely receiving them from through WhatsApp from your concerned State/District NAC  representative or any member of EPS 95 pensioners.

 All the best!….