Important Updates of NAC Zoom Meeting on Fasting of Eps 95 Pensioners in English


Recently on 28.05.2021 National Agitation Committee of the Southern Region has conducted Zoom Meeting from the hands of Sri C.S. Prasada Reddy, NAC Southern Chief Coordinator. The NAC National President Sri Ashok Rout and National General Secretary Sri Veerendra have also attended Zoom meeting of the Southern Region for the first time.
About 40 NAC Leaders and members from all the Southern States have attended and discussed how to take up the fasting programme and how to communicate photo and details.
Out of all participants, we could catch the following names which are brought here. If anybody name is missing, they may comment in the comment section so that this Article will be updated and republished.
Ramakanth and Manjunath from Karnataka
Suresh Babu, Vice president, NAC from Kerala
Raghava Reddy from Telangana
Natarajan from Chennai
Shankar Rao from APCO
and Ganeshan.
In the meeting, Sri C.S. Prasada reddy had explained the purpose of the meeting.
In the meeting, tributes have been followed to the recently died leaders and members of NAC.
Later discussions about fasting programme on 1st June NAC activities and how to make success were.
Fasting must be from 08.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs along with spouse if possible.
Photos and details have to be sent to the concerned State, District NAC presidents. The exact phone number will be intimated in WhatsApp later.
Sri Ashok rout, NAC President has touched the following points.
-The prime Minister had given assurance to hike justifiable pension. Accordingly, the Prime Minister has given instructions to the concerned to look after and solve the problem amicably. But the EPFO is not cooperating with the proposal and it is dragging the issue keeping the problem unattended.
He also opined that the pandemic corona has come in the way of our continuous trials.
He was positive about getting the pension hiked. But it takes time this pension hike issue has to be routed through about five Ministers.
He appealed to the NAC Delegates to give wide publicity about the fasting programme in the Lokal newspapers. Also, he assured the NAC members that he would look after of press coverage of National Newspapers.
Anyhow the Online Zoom meeting ended successfully.
It is time now for the maximum Eps 95 Pensioners to participate and make success.
Also, all related Pesnioers associations and groups are to cooperate with the fasting programme and make it successful for the cause of poor pensioners.