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పెన్షనర్ ఫ్రెండ్స్,
పెన్షన్ పెరుగుతుందో, లేదో ఆ దేవుడికే తెలియాలి.
సరదాగా కాసేపు నవ్వుకుందాము.
మీకు నవ్వాలని ఉంటె ఈ జోక్స్ చదవండి.
జోక్ నచ్చితే షేర్ చేయండి pl

Pensioner Friends,
Only God knows whether the pension will increase or not.
Let’s have fun and laugh for a while.
Read these jokes if you want to laugh.
If you like the joke please share pl

jokes in telugu

In English

One father took his son to enroll in an engineering college.
Going inside, the father asked a security guard who appeared there, “Is this college good?”

Then, the guard opened the gate and said, “All right, have studied B.Tech here only”

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