NOTA is the last weapon of Eps 95 Pensioners…?

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NOTA is the last weapon of Eps 95 Pensioners...?
NOTA is the last weapon of Eps 95 Pensioners…?

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The full form of NOTA is None of the above.

Many Eps 95 Pensioners are tending towards NOTA.

In every state, there are lacks of Eps 95 Pensioners. All together in India, there are about 67 Lacks Eps 95 Pensioners.

Why the Eps 95 Pensioners are towards NOTA:

For decades together, the Governments are not taking any responsibility to attend the even genuine financial problems.

In the Pensioners groups, there are different types.

a) Pensioners with Higher pension

b) Pensioners with Lower pension

c) Pensioners with Pension below Rs.1000

d) Pensioners with Pension > Rs. 1000 and below Rs.2000

c) Pensioners with Pension > Rs. 2000 and below Rs.3000

Our sincere request to the Prime Minister of India, to take up immediate financial assistance to the people who are getting pensions around  Rs. 500 and also Rs. 1000 to Rs.3000. Their Minimum Pension has to be hiked immediately. What is the fun of calling him a pensioner if he is getting such a low amount as a pension?

Immediate step by the Central Government:

Increase Minimum Pension immediately to the reasonable extent which can be afforded by the Government.

The Government can even accumulate funds from the present active EPFO members by hiking the sealing cap of contributions.

The Government can treat this problem as a Welfare scheme for the old persons who have contributed to the Nation’s improvement.

To reduce the burden on the Government, it may implement the reasonable hike of Minimum Pension to the old people who have crossed certain age like > 65 or > 70 years. There are very few people only in the category of that age.

The Central Government has to instruct the EPFO authorities or appoint one agency to find out the statistics of the old age Eps 95 Pensioners.

In the Survey, they can get the information

aged Eps 95 Pensioners >65

Eps 95 Pensioners >70

Eps 95 Pensioners >75

A very lesser percentage of people will be available alive, Many aged people passed away and passing away during this pandemic.

The worst-case figure in item (c) above, Believe me, there are people, who are getting even around Rs. 500. Further, many of these people not even getting the State Government Old age Pension in some States due to the name assigned to them as Eps 95 Pensioners.

Will NOTA gets the recognition of Eps 95 Pensioners?:

It is the thousand dollars question of whether the NOTA will come to the rescue of Eps 95 Pensioners or not.

Many people have many opinions. Opinion Eps 95 Pensioners differ from   North to South State to State. Who will bring all of them to under one umbrella.? Who will tie the bell to the cat?

Will all Eps 95 Pensioners Leaders accept and implement NOTA

In spite of the huge propaganda on NOTA, will the Eps 95 Pensioners committed to NOTA during polling times? Will the trains run in the hearts of the contestant leaders.?

United Effort among Eps 95 Pensioners:

Till now, there is no united effort among the pensioners. The only example is this. There is a relay hunger strike in Buldhana for so many days. Will this agitation from one place, can influence the rulers.?

Why not such relay hunger strikes took up in the entire country at least in the District Head Quarters.?


Anyhow the Unity and United effort coupled with a few financial subscriptions from the Eps 95 Pensioners may give the strength to the leaders to influence the rulers and fetch the results to some extent and the point of NOTA is left for your comments at the comment section hereunder.

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10 thoughts on “NOTA is the last weapon of Eps 95 Pensioners…?”

  1. This government is totally and absolutely against any hike in is not bound by verdicts of even Apex court in the issue…the affidavits filed by government against our interests clearly show their irresponsibility and intention, what is alternative? The corpous Fund is adequate to increase minimum pension to even 10,000…there is no paucity of funds…only lacking will…perhaps, some movement in governments gesture may be seen if our leaders stop nonsense and sit for “fast unto death”….will they ???
    Neither they will do that nor the government will grant hike…

    • It is a very good idea. We pensioners should think over this idea. Political leaders only recognise communities on their voting power.

      Kalyan Kumar Sinha.

  2. Relay hunger strike for 8- hours a day…will not help evidently …it did not for the past about 3 years….only solution is ….agitation by our leaders like “Fast unto death” ….but, dont think our leaders have intention….just killing time with very light fasting…

  3. I am with u and all pensioners please unite. Because this is the actual time to reach our voice to deaf government

  4. If this govt is still adamant of not accepting the SC verdict then what is going to achieve by this govt. A neutral judgement has been passed by SC in 2020 APRIL . Till date this judgement has not been implemented . This clearly shows that EPFO is not in a position to give the ACCOUNTABILITY asked by S.C. The S.C should give the verdict and if the govt is still not amended then why the SC tell it is contempt of court?

  5. Where is justice to EPF pensioners.we served more. Than 30-40years& contributing to our to the govt.Pl return our contribution.the old age pensioners Struggling to Mr. PM.give justice.,…

  6. Central govt. Is maintaining the deaf ear of our case and activity of S.C. is also surprising. I think firstly all association of eps95 pensioners should form a united front and agitate vigorously all India basis and demonstration of all association leaders should be made time and again in front of parliament so long Modi govt. Is given written reply as Modi had assured number of times verbally for looking after our case and labour minister is reluctant to give budgetary support though there is enough fund in eps 95 scheme to disburse the higher pension. Also they are not giving positive response of many MPs and hon’bleb Chief Minister of Orissa and eps95 pensioners’ forum of Orissa. Central govt. Is thinking ourselves as vulnerable person of India. This is very prestigious matter for Indian citizen though they are dependent on our polling verdict during election. Now situation has come to give ‘nota’ verdict during election. onsidering all these strong agitation is required all india nasis and we should come to know why S.C. is deferring our case time and again without giving final verdict considering our poor condition of livelihood. I also think fund is required to maintain all these things and all pension holders should contribute at least Rs.10/- P.M. but first United forum should be formed. Thank and regards. we should contr

  7. Govt feeling burden to pay pension . It’s not burden, because with our contributed money they are paying some pension . If they increase some amount,that will be a little burden to govt and it will not treat as
    a burden under welfare measure to old age people since the additional amount is in addition to our contributed fund and it is not so effect to the govt exchequer . Hence if the govt is interested , it can pay easily to old age people. Ex. A regular pensioner getting from Rs 25000 to 1 lakh, where as EPs 95 pensioner getting from 1000 to less than 3000. First let this parity should be avoided and EPs pension has to be increased immediately.


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