Power of EPS 95 Pensioners Is it Real?

Power of EPS 95 Pensioners Is it Real?
Power of EPS 95 Pensioners Is it Real?

Eps 95 Pensioners are very dissatisfied with the injustice done to them. The matter is with the Central Government

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The government is not noticing.

You must pay a fair price for this on one day or another day.

Please do not forget the  Eps 95 Pensioners are also voters in India.

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The government should recognize that the Eps 95 Pensioners also play an important role in the elections.


Most of the Eps 95 Pensioners did not know about NOTA  in the past.

But many Eps 95 Pensioners know about NOTA nowadays.

Eps 95 Pensioners know about NOTA polling.

Let us once again understand about NOTA.

NOTA – None of the Above is the option that enables the Voter to officially register a vote of rejection for all candidates who are contesting if a voter chooses to press NOTA it indicates that the voter has not chosen the vote for any of the party.

Recent Results in Bengal.

Dear friends,

Please imagine the power of EPS pensioners.

This defeat of BJP in West Bengal

in 92 seats below 1000 majority is

purely due to unhappiness among poor old aged EPS pensioners.

At least the BJP government should wake up and

do justice to the EPS pensioners and restore the image of BJP.

The above image says that many seats in West Bengal lost by the BJP Party for a narrow difference in votes.  It is assumed that the narrow difference is due to polling of votes to NOTA by most of the Eps 95 Pensioners.

Minimum Pension:

Regarding Minimum Pension, Koshiyari committee recommended Rs. 3000 along with DA. But, there is no implementation.

The request for a Minimum Pension of Rs. 7500 plus DA kept aside.

The request for a Minimum Pension of Rs. 9000 plus DA kept aside.

The request for Rs. 5000 to each Eps 95 Pensioner during the time of Covid kept aside.


As long as the Government sidetracks the EPS pensioners, the strength of the political parties will become weak.

All countries in the world and all philosophies of any Religion say for strengthening of old age people.

It is the responsibility of any Government to see the welfare of the Senior citizens.

All political parties have to recognize that many Eps 95 Pensioners can influence family members, kith, and kin in voting tendency while going for polling.

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