Lack of Leadership in EPS 95 Pensioners Group 2021

Lack of Leadership in EPS 95 Pensioners Group 2021
Lack of Leadership in EPS 95 Pensioners Group 2021

 Lack of Leadership in EPS 95 Pensioners Group 2021


Yes, it is true, there is a lack of leadership in EPS 95 Pensioners Group. Some leaders are emerging and taking the cart to the edge and leaving to its fate.

Is it not a fact?

Yes, it is a fact.

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Many Groups are not collecting subscriptions. There is no financial strength in the Pensioners Associations.

They are not able to conduct meetings

They are not able to call administrators of Government to call to a meeting and honour him and submit the genuine problems of EPS 95 Pensioners.

There might be fear of mis-utilisation of funds.

There is a system of opening Bank accounts jointly even by two or three members. Where is the question of fraud?

Subscription amount may be very low when there are about more than 65 Lack EPS 95 Pensioners.

Subscription may be fixed as Rs. 10 Per month.

Let us calculate

Suppose there are only 10,000 EPS 95 Pensioners, in your Association,

It works out to Rs. 1,00,000 per month

It works out to Rs. 10, 00,000 per year.

This amount is more than enough to conduct any meeting and call any ruling or opposite political leaders to a meeting and honour him and submit genuine problems of EPS 95 Pensioners.

Note: It is suggested to fix the subscription amount as low as possible. To cover this problem, better to increase the number of pensioners in your Association


In every state, there are about 5 or 6 Associations with respect to EPS 95 Pensioners.

The Groups related to

Employees worked in the Private sector

Employees worked in the Public sector such as Government, Public controlled and enterprises.

Employees worked in the Cooperative sector


There is no unity among the associations of EPS 95 Pensioners.

Unity is very important for attaining any target. This is a proven and unquestionable fact globally.

Having known the power of unity, there are unnecessary misunderstandings among the leaders of EPS 95 Pensioners.

There is a proverb saying

A Cobra is trapped by  ants

In this sense, we can do anything only when we are united.


The government is keeping a deaf ear to the problems of EPS 95 Pensioners.

The government is bothered about their vote bank. They attend and support the sectors where votes come.

So, it is time for EPS 95 Pensioners to turn out as vote banks. EPS 95 Pensioners have to prove themselves that they have got a good number of votes and they can influence the winning possibilities of parties in the elections.

They have to prove themselves that they can suggest their family members and relatives in casting vote.


Many State High Courts have given verdict positive judgement in favour of EPS 95 Pensioners so far as higher pension is concerned.

But, the EPFO and the Central Government are opposing and filed Writs Petitions in the Supreme Court against the interest of EPS 95 Pensioners. Crores of rupees of the EPS 95 Pensioners are being spent on the costly Advocates against the EPS 95 Pensioners.


The Government is aware of all the problems and injustice that were done to the EPS 95 Pensioners.

But the Government is not taking any initiative to tackle the problem and not able to give justice to the EPS 95 Pensioners who are more than 65 Lacks voters.

Let us all pray the Almighty to give mind and calibre to the Government for attending to the financial problem of EPS 95 Pensioners

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