white ration card eligibility in Andhra Pradesh 2021

White Ration Card Eligibility to the Retired Employees:

Recently, the State Government of Andhra Pradesh made the government employees and the retired people eligible for the White ration card.

It is good news for the eps, 95 pensioners too. Because the eps 95 pensioners were not being made eligible for the white ration card on the ground that they are getting pension. Hence, some people were used to get the White Ration cart by hook or crook. Now it is made clear that the eps 95 pensioners who have meager income are also eligible for the White Ration card.

Who is eligible for a white ration card in AP?

Retired Employees and Eps 95 Pensioners were not being given White Ration cards in Andhra Pradesh. Many poor pensioners were not able to get white ration cards in Andhra Pradesh. Even today this circular is not seen by the many officials in charge of issuing white ration cards.

These are the Eligibility conditions for the White Ration Card.

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  • The monthly family income of a person in rural areas should be lesser that Rs. 10000 per month.
  • The monthly family income of a person in urban areas should be lesser that Rs. 12000 per month.
  • The applicants family must not be in any Government service
  • The applicants should have less than 750 sq ft space in urban areas.
  • Electricit consumption must not be more than 300 units per month.
  • None of the family members should have a four-wheeled vehicle.

Who is not eligible for a white ration card in Andhra?

All the persons who do not fulfill the above conditions are not eligible for a white ration card. Mostly, the persons, who were working and also who have completed their service in the Government and Government corporations are not eligible for the white ration card.

But, the funny is the person getting more pension as old-age pension from the Government is made eligible. No problem there are many poor people under poverty receiving the old-age pension. But the Government has to recognize that they are many Eps 95 pensioners who are receiving lesser pension than the old-age pension are forced out of State and Central Government Welfare schemes.

Observe the Difference between Eps 95 pensioner and old age pensioner

EPS 95 PensionerRs. 800 to 1500
Old age pensionerRs. 2500

Please watch this related video on White Ration cards.

Latest Questions and Answers in the Parliament on Eps 95 person:

Please watch the screenshot given hereunder carefully. You can know the intention of the Government.

The only thing in this decade done by the Government to Eps 95 pensioners is this.
This is not an extraordinary help to the pensioners as some pensioners are opining on this snip information as usual. This is a rule which has been followed by the EPFO.

Frequent Questions and Answers

1. When will Minimum Pension be increased?

Presently the Government is not interested to hike the minimum pension as of today. It will depend on how best the delegates of the eps 95 pensioners educate and convince the Government.

2. What is the alternative for poor pensioners getting below Rs. 1500

It is better for the State Government to include the Eps, 95 pensioners, in the old age group and sanction the old age pension in addition to the eps 95 pensions which are being accrued for their contributions till the Central Government do justice for eps 95 pensioners.


Who is not eligible for a ration card in Andhra?

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