Women desire to become slim got the kanee pains

 Slim Problems in India 2020 |  Slim desire in 2020

 Slim Problems in India 2020: 

The desire to become slim

 is bringing knee pain to many beautiful and healthy women.

 slim desire: Many educated women with this desire are going to the doctors to become slim. It is a open fact.

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Some doctors strictly tell women not to eat any  fat diet.  They do not notice that it also contains good fat.  By doing so they lose the pulp in their knees.  These are all problems  whcich resulted in knee pains

 How to reduce knee pains

 Some doctors are strictly advising to the ladies for not taking any type of fat including milk, cheese etc, which are not so harmful for health.  These things provide oil content in the knee.  Hence all these items to be taken without any second thought.  

Those women, who blindly follow will get into troubles resulting increase knee pains

 Good fat intake is good for everyone.

 Peanut seeds, jaggery, sesame etc. are very useful for growing pulp.  So it is better to take these often.

 A good sweet can be made using peanuts, sesame and jaggery. Eating sweet every day or 5 or 6 days in a week will help to increase the knee mass.

 Also, we need to take a little care about drinking water.  Many people have been drinking mineral water in recent times.  But some mineral water factories, where they do not mix the right amount of chemical in the water. 

 In making mineral water the water is dehydrated by removing the naturally fertile ones present in the water.  This will increase knee pains.  

This type of Slim Problems increased in India,

 Also, taking the following will help to increase the pulp.

Whole Grains





Copper porridge

In small doses of cow ghee

Yoga treatment for knee pains: This Link knee pain is recommended for you to reduce knee pains.