EPS 95 Pension | The Supreme Court may function shortly

 It is is in the social media of Sri Parveen Kohli’s EPS 95 SEWA group that the supreme court is thinking physical functioning of at least two to  three benches as per the reliable sources.

 The Supreme Court Bar Association(SCBA)  and the supreme court advocates on record Association (SCAORA), a seven judge committee of the supreme court is seriously considering the resumption of physical functioning for at least two to three branches of the Court from the third week of August.

A virtual meeting held by the Committee on August 11 was attended by the office  bearers of SCBA,SCAORA a and the bar council of India.

Communications addressed to the members of the SCAORA  following this meeting state that the committee was urged to commenc  at the earliest while taking adequate precautionary measures.

The committee stated that   experts had recommended physical hearings may restart after 2 weeks and upon fresh review at that point.

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The bar representatives are said to have pointed out that the covid-19 climate may remain more or less the same after two weeks also.

Hence, it was  assured that the court may consider resuming the physical functioning earlier to give some solutions.

“The Hon’ble judges Committee is seriously considering to start atleast 2-3 physical courts from the next week’s

A final decision on these suggestions will be taken up by the seven judge committee in a couple of days, SCAORA’s communication informs .

The committee members are

1). justice N.V Ramana 

2). Arun Nidhra

3) . Rohinton Fali Narumanchi

4) UU Lalitha

5) A.M.Khanwilkar

6) Dy. Chandra hyd

7) L. Nageswara Rao

Both the SCBA and the SCAORA have been vocal in urging for the resumption of physical hearings at the Supreme Court. A joint resolution to this effect was also passed on July 20

Let us hope the Supreme Court assumes it’s office and EPS Pension cases be taken up as early as possible in the interest of poor pensioners.

The Judges in Committee