Supreme Court Adjourns Eps 95 pensioners hearing Case

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Dates for hearing are fixed in advance in the Supreme Court.

The very purpose of Advance fixation of dates in any sector is to hold the execution without any disturbance and postponement.

But, what is happening in the Supreme court for many years is this.

The Supreme court countless Adjournments

Fix the dates for hearing in the Supreme court for one purpose. What is that one purpose is just to postpone.
This is not one case, second case, third case, fourth case, fifth case, countless cases.

Countless adjournments.

There is no end to postponements.
It is infinitive.

Once it is known and treated as infinitive, what is the use of fixing dates for hearing in the Supreme Court.

Everything in any sector has an end.

The Supreme Court Knows abot justice delayed

The Justice delayed is justice denied as per the Indian constitution. It is a known proverb to every citizen of India.

The poor pensioner is praying to the Supreme Court for justice.

This is the heartbeat of the old aged pensioners beyond the age of 65, 70, 75, 80, and so on.

The Supreme Court Judges and Advocates

It seems justice U U Lalit has asked all concerned connected to the case to be present in his chambers on Tuesday as the case will be positively heard and will be finalized, God willing, let us pray to almighty to do justice in our favor.

Dear friends, greetings to all.

After great struggles, our pension case at Supreme Court is posted for hearing from 17-08-2021 Tuesday as Item number 1. continuously up to finalization.

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Justice UU.Lalith informed the court and advice all to prepare for this.

Appearing from top: 

 judges in the chamber.

1. Justice UU.Lalith

2.justice Ajai Rastogi



2. Mr.Aryama sundaram


4.Mrs.Meenakshi Arora.

5.Mr.Thampa Thoma


Let us hope the best




Note: Let this post get the reach of the related Advocates and judges.

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8 thoughts on “Supreme Court Adjourns Eps 95 pensioners hearing Case”

  1. At last the end of tunnel seems to be visible. Great efforts of all fighting in courts. To get justice is very difficult in this time .

  2. Our humble request to our judges and advocates with our open heart and honestly please don’t victimize the life of Pensioners who are all expecting their last journey to reach the almighty .They are all really struggling for their families since all their children who are having family can’t able to adjust the old aged parents since they are not giving the sufficient amount for running the family.
    We request the Honourable judge who is looking and hearing this case kindly look and consider the old aged pensioners just like as your forefather or grandfather of your family. Going on adjourned our simple matter which is not a heavy burdon for this govt and please think we are asking our corpus fund credited in our account for the past 30 years .The credited amount is equal to minimum of 20 times to the present value. So again and again please don’t adjourn our matter and add the sins and our curses . Our curses will defenetly reflect though you are praying daily to your god. Beating in the stomach of poor pensioners is the worst sin and request our Honourable judge don’t add the sins of pensioners life.

  3. Who are the eligible for this pension hike?
    It is eligible for all members who
    are receiving as perEPS 95. IS?
    private companies employees are
    also eligible?
    Pl clarify

  4. Justice god pray all employee god epfo is good news coming so some body private company people low pension in every month very difficult position every month house rent is five thousand economics very difficult aĺ employees are pray justice good judgement because mla salary 105000 life long pension what about sir just think 1995 pension scheme os allowed govt. 26 years no revised in pension govt employee pension full salary after retirement half salary pension govt private tuition taken finance partner interest collection he is working in eight hours working before covid period private employees working on two night shift one day shift working just thinking justice sir lawyers mla mp pension, allowance and medical allowance travelling allowance cut one mp commission 5 years millioners commission taken this is a people interest money just thinking revises in pension one family one month 15thousand money earn in my family running..jai hind

  5. Interim orders from supreme court to give extending for safe living as per the presented inflation rates to save and give relief for EPS 95 pensioners to be granted to live safely and to meet their standard of living to meet natural death,dignity including medical aid.


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