Genuine Representation of EPS 95 Minimum Pensioners Unheard

By email 20th April 2024
The honourable Central Provident Fund Commissioner , EPFO , New Delhi .
For kind personal attention

Sub: Kindly let the senior EPS 95 pensioners being virtual non beneficiary of higher pension on actual wages for insufficient pensionable service unaccounted of FPS 71 long service , be provided of a moderate minimum pension in higher range than the present minimum pension financial implication of which could be met with by the EPFO for instant financial relief in maintenance of life , reg .
Respected madam ji ,
While there has been scope for EPS 95 pensioners for higher pension on actual wages having retired with sufficient pensionable service of 1995 but the senior and very senior EPS 95 pensioners retired with very less insufficient pensionable service have no virtual scope for higher pension benefit to be inevitably continued with the meagre pension of less than Rs 1000 ,Rs 1000 at minimum and about Rs 3500 at maximum which is all found to be unliveable pension in present cost of life
These senior , very senior EPS 95 pensioners non-beneficiary of higher pension on actual wages for explicit reasons continued with unliveable range of pension mentioned as above are in dire need of an instant relief for considerable higher quantum of minimum pension above the present range of pension linked with consumer price index .
Our demand for hike of minimum pension with DA is based on the present cost of life .

However now pending consideration of our demand further as per the actual need the EPFO may kindly have a serious thought to grant the minimum pension at higher range above the basic pension already on payment shown , linked with consumer price index what it could be managed by the pension fund corpus that gets never depleted with the new entrants to the pension scheme on constant level .
So the aggrieved pensioners would humbly expect relief for a high range of minimum pension that could mitigate the problems of economic insecurity to some reasonable extent if not full extent for the time being in order that life becomes easeful to certain extent lessening the burden on others .

Therefore a decisive step may kindly be taken for the liveable minimum pension to be granted taking into account the bad life situation of the aggrieved pensioners to be saved from crises undergoing .

With high regards ,
Sincerely your’s
ShamRao , national secretary ,
EPS 95 pensioners coordination committee , BIDAR ,Karnataka
email : shamraobidar308@gmail. com
Ph: 9632885896

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